Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question that isn't answered here? Please don't hesitate to ask us in our Support Center!

Out of Character
Do I have to be familiar with the Sailor Moon manga or Sailor Moon Crystal to join?
    We don't require you to be knowledgeable! We actually encourage people to join with no knowledge as well, our world is vast enough to explore where the Sailor Senshi are a minority. We're more a dystopian post-alien invasion survival game.

    If you're unfamiliar with the Sailor Moon manga and only familiar with the 1992 anime, that's fine, but be aware that there are major differences regarding canon personalities, histories and relationships. We strongly recommend doing some research on the manga if you're unfamiliar before taking up a major canon! You can read up on the manga at Miss Dream or alternatively, watch Sailor Moon Crystal on Crunchyroll. Anything beyond Act 23 is not canon to us.

Why manga-based only? Why can't I merge the 1992 anime?
    The 1992 anime was very lighthearted and comedic in comparison to the dark toned manga. The manga contained violence, gore and mature themes that make it more appropriate for our world, and the characters matured at a more reasonable rate.  We also feel that the personalities of the canons and stories in the manga are more appropriate for a dystopian society, the 1992 anime characters would not survive in this world and the Black Moon's goals were not the same.

    We won't allow the 1992 anime to be merged with our game. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we'd prefer to stick to one version of the series that has the dark undertones we desire.

What do you currently need for characters?
    We don't have a preference! We're honest with this when we say we'd rather you create what you want to create. Our game was designed to work with what we have rather than what we don't have. So if you're in an unpopulated faction, your character can become equally as important based upon your proactivity and actions IC.

    However, if you absolutely desire to fill a role based on ratios, we strongly recommend checking out the Accepted Character ratios (threads are the number of characters we have per faction), Wanted Ads, and our Canon Roster.

I'm not familiar with MyBB. Is there a learning curve?
    Nope, there's no learning curve. MyBB's compared to JCink and Invisionfree's software with its UCP setup and features. We even offer an Enhanced Account Switcher and an Alert System.

    The only differentiating factor is that unlike JCink and Invisionfree, MyBB doesn't allow <style> in posts. You'll have to substitute it for DIV Styles instead.

What is the avatar size?
    230px width and 350px height.

What is the maximum signature image size?
    580px width and 180px height.

I would like to rejoin. What do I do and what happened to my previous application?
    First of all, welcome back if you're rejoining us! As we do not delete applications posted on this site, you're welcome to ask to reactivate your character in the Help Desk. However, it's recommended to check the canon list if you're playing a canon to make sure that they're still available.

    We don't delete accounts for original characters and they're simply labeled as "inactive" instead, so you should be able to login at any time even if you don't show up on the directory. You'll still have to ask in the Help Desk to reactivate them and regain your applications and organizers as they've been transferred to a hidden forum.

    We do delete accounts for series canons in order to allow new players to join, but we don't delete applications. You'll have to re-register and ask for your application again.

I can't delete posts!
    We do not allow members to delete content on the forum no matter where you post for continuity purposes. It's simply not fair to other members. Only staff members have that permission. However, be aware that even if you ask us to delete something for you, we will refuse to delete IC posts and worldbuilding posts. We will delete posts for you if they're in the Members Lounge, Character Organizers or Plotting Center. We may make exceptions if you posted something in the wrong location or account.

Character Creation
Can I play out X canon relationship here?
    Yes. We aren't going to dictate canon sexualities or how relationships unfold. All we ask is that you have mutual agreement with the canon's player beforehand and not to be disappointed if they decline your preferred ship.

Does my character have to be Asian?
    We strongly encourage diversity here and we encourage you to make somebody who isn't of Asian descent. However, there might be language barriers if your character isn't fluent in Japanese.

    That said, we do expect a majority of our series canons to be of Asian descent. We won't tolerate whitewashing them, so please stick to their canon ethnicity. Some exceptions may be given for the Black Moon as their origins are unknown.

What is the preferred ethnicity for Luna, Artemis, Diana, Phobos and Deimos and the Starlights?
    We prefer that they're of Asian descent because they're series canons. However, Sailor Coronis does not have to be of Asian ethnicity.

Can I make my own faction/race?
    At this time the only factions that we'll permit to be of your own creation are those on the Galactica roster.

Can my character be an Earthling with a True Star Seed?
    No. Earthlings have not evolved enough for this.

Can I make an ally of the Sailor Senshi?
    At the moment the only "allies" of the Sailor Senshi that we'll allow are those listed on the Galactica roster. You're welcome to still create an original character and have this be their goal. Whether a character reveals their identity to them is entirely up to their player, but they cannot be an Earthling civilian ally from the start.

Can I make an original talking animal guardian?
    No, the only guardians that we'll accept are Luna, Artemis, Diana, Phobos, Deimos, Coronis and Mau.

Can my character know that the Inner Senshi are from an alternate dimension?
    No, they've agreed to keep it a secret amongst themselves and they're unlikely to inform anyone of their situation unless they're part of the White Moon.

Can my character be a supporter of the Black Moon? What about the White Moon/Sailor Senshi? Can they be neutral?
    Absolutely! Your character's allegiance is entirely up to you.

Can my character originate from the 30th Century?
    Absolutely, but only if they're part of the Black Moon Clan.

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