(Invitation) Memory Lane
February 12th, 2018
Tag: Naru
Written by Vicky
Usagi was dodging various civilians in order to catch the next bus on time to head back to the Command Center. The girls would have killed her if she was late again tonight~! But Usagi couldn’t help it, she wanted to do a little investigating in Juuban’s Shopping District to see if she could hear any gossip. Usagi knew that Minako-chan was usually better at these things, but as the girls were juggling their jobs, neither of them had nearly as much free time as they used to.
It made her miss school so much, not that she’d ever openly admit it. A part of Usagi wanted to ask Hotaru-chan if she could give her some classwork so she wouldn’t be nearly so far behind, but Usagi wasn’t comfortable asking that. There was a part of her that wondered what the girls would say, and although she knew Ami-chan was likely going to praise her for that, Usagi didn’t want them to rub it in.
It was when she was about to turn the corner that Usagi caught a brief glimpse of Osa-P across the street. She paused abruptly in her tracks, why hadn’t she noticed that Osa-P was there before? Was Naru-chan’s mama still the owner?
Usagi felt drawn to Osa-P as she crossed the street when she was able, pressing two palms against the glass as she gazed at the jewels in the window.
It wouldn’t hurt to take a little peak…besides, school just ended a little while ago! Naru-chan can’t be home yet, can she?
Daringly, Usagi entered Osa-P and walked over to one of the more affordable jewel displays. The store was busier than ever, but it wasn’t without its own share of rumors.
“I can’t believe that they aren’t using droids as security~! There's so many expensive jewels.”

Usagi froze when she heard that. No. Even if droids were able to be utilized by civilians (which they weren't, thankfully), Usagi believed that Naru-chan wouldn’t succumb to that.

But would her Mama?
Usagi tried her hardest to focus her attention on the jewels, but she’d known that she couldn’t afford it even if she wanted something pretty~!

Written by Harlow
"Mama, this paper is killing me. I don't know what to write about." Naru lightly complained to her mother, but she knew that she wasn't actually listening because she was helping one of the customers. It never ceased to amaze her that her mother's business hadn't been that hurt by the Black Moon taking over. She guessed that even with hostile aliens being in charge, women still liked glittery things. She sighed and propped her chin up and looked down at the blank screen on her laptop.

The little text cursor continued to blink in and out of existence. It was mocking her. This paper was due in two days and she had been wrestling with herself about what topic would be most appropriate. The problem was, she couldn't just write about whatever she wanted. She needed to write about the positive impacts the Black Moon Clan had had when they had taken over.

They probably just wanted to use a paper from the one the students as another piece of propaganda. And hell no, she wasn't going to let them do that to a piece of her work. At the same time, she couldn't not turn it in. It was going to count for upwards of twenty percent of her grade for this semester.

School had always been tedious at times, but now things had just gotten so much worse. College should have been a challenge all on its own but now she needed to pretend like she was happy about the monsters who were destroying all life on Earth.

Naru's eyes narrowed at the blinking cursor once more and then she finally reached out and closed the laptop. She'd have to come up with something later.

She hopped off of her seat and she began to wander through the storefront. Most of the customers were just browsing, but she offered a few pleasant greetings and moved on if they didn't actually need help with anything.

Naru frowned as she heard a passing comment by one of the patrons, she couldn't stop herself from speaking up. She needed to be careful with what she said, but she wasn't going to just sit back and let someone make that sort of comment about her mother's store. She plastered the most polite smile onto her face possible. "Actually, droids aren't allowed to be used by civilians. And my mother has always prided herself on having a human touch here at Osa-P."

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