• Thread Title must be your character's name using their ethnicity's naming conventions, e.g. Tsukino Usagi. If your character's a Sailor Senshi please style it Tsukino Usagi, Sailor Moon.
  • Label your thread as WIP or Ready depending on your application's status.
  • BUMP your thread when your application's finished! The staff team will assume it's not finished otherwise. Applications are usually responded to within 24-48 hours.
  • WIP applications will be moved to a staff only forum within 14 days if no edits have been made, following the same general guidelines to canon reservations.

Canon Reservations
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Are you interested in applying for a canon character? In order for you to apply, please make sure that you reserve your role! All applications must be finished before your reservation period ends, we do not grant tertiary extensions. Accounts will be deleted after your reservation period ends.

Canon reservations last 14 days. In order to reserve a canon, you MUST reply to the canon reservations thread. After 14 days and your application is still unfinished, you are able to ask for an extension in the canon reservation thread for 5 more days.

After that if your application is still unfinished, no re-reservations will be given unless on a case-by-case basis (e.g. you've talked it out with staff), and your account will be deleted and application moved to a hidden archive board.

If someone has an account registered for a canon but doesn’t have a reservation, can I still apply?
Yes. If there are no reservations for that canon currently active, you may reserve them. We also permit reservations if the applicant has failed to reserve a canon, yet has a WIP posted on the site. The person who reserves the canon will ultimately have priority, as while we understand that a WIP can finish at any time, reserves are held to higher regard. However, please always be considerate to the other WIP poster. We don’t allow canon battles!

Current Reservations



[b]Character Name[/b] has been reserved until [b]Date[/b] by [b]Your Name[/b]

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