Osaka Naru
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Osaka Naru

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Alias: N/A
Age: 19
Pronouns: She/Her
Ethnicity: Japanese
Occupation: Student
Play-by: Here. Optional.
Personal Belongings:
  • Cellphone - Like many young people in modern society, Naru has a cellphone that she is more or less addicted to. Though she uses it for more than just communicating with other people. As her dream is to become a journalist, she uses her cellphones to take pictures and notes regarding articles she writes. However, she makes sure to keep it on her person whenever she is away from home in case she needs to get into contact with her mother.
  • Notepad - Naru keeps a small notepad tucked away into her school bag or purse so she can take more indepth notes for articles she may be writing for the school paper (she swears she's going to make a real career out of this one day!).
  • Earrings - Naru wears a simple pair of diamond stud earrings that were gifted to her from her mother upon her sixteenth birthday. While they aren't special in any means, she cherishes them deeply as a gift from her mother.

Positive Traits
Negative Traits


Naru was born as the eldest of two girls in the Osaka family. A few years later, her younger sister Naruru was born. From an early age, her mother and father divorced. The two children stayed with their mother while their father would visit them every once in awhile, but often was too busy with work to spend much time with his daughters. While they were about four years apart in age, Naru and Naruru were actually rather close and Naru was extremely protective of her younger sister. It was during these first few years that Naru would go on to meet Tsukino Usagi, who was her closest friend growing up.

Unlike Usagi, however, Naru had a natural knack for schoolwork and she regularly scored highly on her tests and quizzes. Once they got into junior high school, she became very popular in Juuban Middle School due to her intelligence and diligence. Her mother opened Osa-P and the jewelry store became extremely popular and profitable early on.

It was Osa-P that was the first target by Queen Beryl and her lackeys. It was here that Naru first came into contact with one of the monsters summoned by Jadeite which took the form of her mother. This was also the first night that she came into contact with Sailor Moon. Naru didn't witness most of the fight but she was aware of who saved her and that she was a new Sailor Senshi like Sailor V. However, she remained unaware that Usagi was actually Sailor Moon for quite some time.

After Usagi's disappearance, Naru began to spend more and more time trying to find her best friend, even if there wasn't much that she could do in order to find her. She kept in contact with the Tsukino's and did everything she could to help them, even if they weren't able to actually find any concrete evidence as to what had happened to Usagi. She began to use her keen mind to try and uncover the mystery, deciding that even with the world being taken over by the Black Moon, she would never stop looking for the truth. This is what led her to decide she wanted to be a journalist one day. However, she became more reckless than she had ever been before in her life.

Now that she is in university, she has begun to prepare herself for the rapidly approaching day where she graduates and is thrust out into the harsh and real world that her mother has tried so desperately to shield her from. She had begun to get involved with the Resistance, acting as a message runner for them whenever possible. She has also been investigating privately why four stones in her mother's store mysteriously disappeared without any sign aside from broken glass.

Writing Sample

Naru sat solemnly in the auditorium. They were having a memorial service for three girls that had disappeared suddenly and as they had left no trace of where they may have gone, it was believed they were dead. The three pictures sat at the front on the stage while the principal was giving a speech about how the students and faculty were going to find strength from the pain that they were going through right now. She didn't feel very strong though. The three girls in the pictures were portraits taken from picture day. Each girl wore a smile on her face, but it was the blonde in the middle that had the brightest smile of all.

Tsukino Usagi. 15 years old. Disappeared along with Mizuno and Kino. She was known for being bubbly and friendly, even if her grades often suffered because of it.

Mizuno Ami. 15 years old. Disappeared along with Tsukino and Kino. She was one of the brightest minds in Japan, but had a shy and king heart. She wished to be a doctor one day.

Kino Makoto. 15 years old. Disappeared along with Tsukino and Mizuno. She was exceptionally strong for her young age but was actually quite kind and loved to cook, sew, and take care of her garden.

"Oh Usagi-chan. What happened to you?" Naru whispered softly under her breath as she hugged herself tightly. The service was going to go one for quite awhile longer. Everyone was being given time to reflect. She resented that fact though, because this was all that she had been thinking of for the last week. Her best friend was gone and there was no sign of what had happened to her. And the Black Moon that was trying to claim that Sailor Senshi were the enemy. She knew it wasn't true, but in all honesty, she didn't care about Sailor Moon or Sailor Venus. All she wanted her best friend back.

The tears began to well up in her eyes and she raised her hand so that she could wipe them away.  She didn't want to think about what might have happened to Usagi. But she knew that she was never going to rest until she found out. Even if it killed her. She didn't care. She was going to do everything in her power to see if she could uncover her best friend's fate. It was going to be hard. If Usagi had disappeared willingly, she was willing to bet that she had left some kind of trail that she just needed to find and then follow. She wiped her tears away one last time and then folded her hands down into her lap.


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