Black Masquerade
Written by Vicky
Usagi pouted in the middle of the crowd as everyone danced in the free space of the auditorium the designated ‘dance floor’. Thanks to the aid of her disguise pen, Usagi was able to wear a very pretty dress that she wished that Mamo-chan was here to see and dance with. She hadn’t expected dancing to be part of the event, but this was Hotaru-chan’s papa’s event. Anything was possible at Mugen Gakuen with Professor Tomoe’s wealth and how massive this building was.
As silly as it was, Usagi almost wanted to ask Haruka-san to dance, but she’d seen just how attached to the hip Michiru-san was with him. That was not an option.
So, instead she walked her way towards the punch bowl in order to get a drink, her azure hues focused on the dance floor as she frowned. “This stinks! Even Hotaru-chan has her papa to dance with, where’d Seiya-kun go?”
I really just want Mamo-chan to be here…I know this is a Black Moon event, but…it’s not right! We haven’t even had our first real dance yet…is it okay for me to dance with someone else? I know we danced before, but we didn’t even know who we were!
Usagi refocused her attention to what was in front of her, trying to keep her mind off the dance floor. She knew that she had options, even Setsuna-san was always an option if she wanted to learn to properly dance. She was terrible, but… surely Setsuna-san knew how to dance. Right? Setsuna-san was wise, elegant, and had the traits that Usagi believed belong to an elegant dancer if she chose. But she also felt uncomfortable asking her for that, just as she would never ever ask something like that to any of the girls.
I’m no way fit to be a Queen…how did I become Neo-Queen Serenity if I can’t even dance? Mamo-chan was leading that one time... A small teardrop fell from her eyes. Maybe there were reasons that the Black Moon invaded—she was unfit to be Queen because she lacked the proper etiquette.
After Usagi rubbed her eyes and wiped away the teardrops, Usagi spotted a familiar figure as she sniffled. She could feel an increasing tension building up inside her when she noticed who it was. She hadn’t even noticed just how close she was to him by this point.
“No way! You’re here, too?”

Written by Harlow
Mamoru knew that it was a bad idea for him to come to the charity event. When his boss had told him that he had been invited to go and that it would be a great opportunity for them to find some new clients, he had been very reluctant to go. But he had come because his boss had told him that he needed to be there. And of course, when he realized where it was going to be taking place, he knew that he needed to go anyway. He was a member of the Resistance. It was his duty to try and make sure that they weren't discovered.

Kunzite hadn't been pleased when he had told his knight what he had planned. But he also had told him that he wasn't going to allow himself to be left out of it, especially with his job at stake if he didn't show up.

And it was too good of an opportunity for him to pass up. He could find out some very good information if he went. He didn't look like Chiba Mamoru anymore or like Prince Endymion. They weren't going to recognize him as long as he didn't draw attention to himself. And he planned on fitting in like he had been in the few years that he had been in the world.

The problem was how horrible he looked. He'd looked at himself in the mirror before he had come. The corruption to the planet was taking more and more of a toll on him with every day that passed. He could see the bags that were forming under his eyes. He had all but stopped eating and the suit he wore didn't fit him right. He knew that if anyone started asking too many questions about his health, he wasn't going to have a good reason for his decline. He couldn't very well reveal the real reason why he was looking so ill and thin. He'd be locked up at the bare minimum if not executed on site.

He almost hadn't recognized her when he heard the voice and he looked down to his side to see the woman from the cafe. He hadn't left on good terms with her. But right now, he almost felt too exhausted to be angry with her. He looked down at her with dark eyes. "Yes. I'm here too."

Written by Vicky
Usagi frowned when she noticed that her new acquaintance seemed terribly disheveled. This was not the first time that she’d seen him like this. While last time he seemed well-kempt, this time he’d caught Usagi off-guard. This was not appropriate for a party, let alone a fundraiser. Was he randomly invited inside like Seiya-kun was? Usagi could understand if that was the case, she’d have done the same thing for one of her friends if she wanted them to take their mind off of something.
But…what was wrong? Yes, they were in the Black Moon’s presence, but wouldn’t he have changed his decorum just a little bit?
Usagi didn’t know whether or not to walk away or see what was wrong. The last time she intervened in his life, he threatened her. Usagi had known now that she’d hit a very bad nerve, one that Usagi knew that if someone tried that with her, she wouldn’t have taken it too kindly. He was very lucky that she was a fugitive from the Black Moon, and it benefited the world more that she’d remained hidden. The girls wouldn’t trust her outside alone if she’d revealed herself even once.
She’d demonstrated her protectiveness for Mamo-chan before. She’d chosen selfish, foolish choices for him. She was head over heels for Mamo-chan, the world meant very little if he wasn’t  in her life. It was why she clung to hope…
Fate couldn’t be so cruel.
“U-Um…are you okay?” Usagi sniffed, making sure he didn’t see the remnants of her tears. She wouldn’t let him see her weak, not when he had a tendency to be a jerk! But she supposed that he deserved some sort of apology for how she behaved before.
“Um….about before, I’m sorry…”

Written by Harlow
Mamoru didn't want her to bother him. He had tried to look away from her and try and catch a glimpse of Kunzite so that he could go and talk to him instead. But the girl didn't seem like she was going to let him go without saying something. She then asked him if he was feeling okay and he tried not to snap at her. It was just an honest question, but given how their last talk had gone, he didn't want much of anything to do with her. He raised a hand to run it through his hair. The bags under his eyes only seemed to grow heavier.

He just wanted to get some sleep.

"I've been better." He answered about as honestly as he could without lashing out at her. He was a stranger to her, so why did she care if he was ill? He had been rather blunt and rude to her the last time that they had met. And had his opinion of her changed at all? Not really. He didn't know her and the fact that she was asking if he was alright only made him feel that annoyance again. She needed to be less worried about him and be more worried about herself. She looked like she was barely old enough to be out on the streets with the world being in the kind of state it was in.

He opened his mouth to say something but then she apologized to him. Well, he honestly hadn't been expecting that one. He didn't know quite how to respond to that. He was glad that she could recognize she had been rude when they had first met, but that also didn't make him feel totally better. Everything she'd said had reminded him of the one person he didn't like to think about because it hurt him too much.

His heart would never stop yearning for Usagi.

"What are you even doing here? This isn't the kind of place for a girl like you to be." Mamoru questioned. While that statement could be taken as offensive, he actually didn't mean to be cruel. He simply believed that a girl who worked in a cafe didn't belong in a charity event filled with members of the Black Moon. It was dangerous for him to be here and he was capable of protecting himself.

He didn't expect an answer from her, however.

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Written by Vicky
The encounter was uncomfortable and Usagi knew it. She resisted a sigh at his response and side-glanced. She wasn’t even sure why she’d been drawn to talk to him in the first place, she really shouldn’t have been. But she couldn’t hold back her concern despite how much of a jerk he was, and she was grateful that he hadn’t said anything of her apology.
His question caught her off-guard, though. She knew that she shouldn’t have been here. She already received a scolding from Setsuna-san for it, and she’d made sure that she’d remained within eye distance of the Time Guardian to appease her. There was no leaving the auditorium now or adventuring with Hotaru-chan.
“I’m here with Tomoe Hotaru-chan, Tomoe-sensei’s daughter.” Usagi informed him, fidgeting a little bit. She wasn’t sure why she felt so nervous around him, but part of her wished that she’d had someone at her side.
“And my roommates the event coordinator…” Not that Setsuna-san invited her, but she’d had every reason to be here. Not like him, who’d seemed as though he should have stayed in bed. But Usagi knew better now than to intervene with anything concerning him, no matter how much he’d desperately needed it.
“Isn’t Michiru-san a great violinist?” Usagi inquired randomly, trying to ease the situation with some casual talk. Michiru-san had just gotten off stage recently, giving room to some other musicians to play. But Usagi still felt a deep connection to Michiru-san’s music and it was strange, she’d never imagined herself to be interested in her genre.
“I’ve met her a couple of times, you know—her and her boyfriend are really nice.”

Written by Harlow
"You're here with the professor's daughter? He asked with a slightly raised brow. He knew Professor Tomoe vaguely through the resistance. He had never worked personally with the man but he knew enough about him. He was one of the brightest minds of his time and he was very a busy man. He was constantly working. He had seen Tomoe Hotaru a few times, but he had never spoken to her personally. She seemed like she was a very haunted young girl and he didn't like the painful look in her eyes whenever they caught each other's gazes.

So to hear that this girl was friends with Tomoe did surprise him. She didn't seem like she was the kind of girl that had a lot of friends. It did make him feel sorry for her.

"This is a dangerous place for someone your age. You're young and shouldn't be in an environment filled with so many snakes." He kept the volume of his voice low so that no one else would hear him say that. It was dangerous for him to talk about things like this, because anyone might be able to overhear them. It was dangerous for anyone to have strong emotions about the Black Moon. He didn't want to die, but he was trying his best to find out why this girl was here. It wasn't safe for her.

Honestly, it wasn't safe for any of them.

"Who is your roommate?" He asked as he looked around. He didn't know who had planned this charity event. While he was involved with the resistance, he didn't come to Mugen often. The only reason that he was here now was because his boss had asked for him to attend because of his position at the business that he worked at. And he knew better than to tell his boss that he couldn't go. He couldn't tell him the answer to why he didn't want to go, so he had been forced to swallow his pride and go anyway.

Though on the plus side, it did give him an excellent shot at getting some new intel on the Black Moon.

Mamoru's eyes fell to Kaioh Michiru and his shoulders slumped a little bit and he closed his eyes. He allowed himself to get lost in the beautiful melodies she was producing with her violin. He had never been able to hear her music before since she had started playing almost exclusively for the Black Moon. He was glad that he was here then just because it was such beautiful sounding music. "Yes, she is a very talented violinist."

"I have never spoken to either of them, so I will take your word for it." He said as he opened his eyes again and looked down at her.

Written by Vicky
“Mhm. She’s a friend of mine.” Usagi nodded her head. Why had it come to such a surprise that she’d known such important people? Granted, Usagi wouldn’t have expected herself to know Hotaru-chan’s papa so quickly. She’d only came to this world a little over a month ago, and now here she was, at a Mugen Gakuen fundraiser….

“I know. But don’t worry, my roommate is keeping a good eye on me, and Kuromine-san’s very nice.” Well, she thought so, anyway. Even though Hotaru-chan and Kuromine-san hadn’t gotten along, she couldn’t really place anything against Kuromine-san. It’d just be too mean….after all, she was only Hotaru-chan’s friend.

But who was her roommate? Usagi wasn’t sure if she should give away such information. She felt a little uncomfortable, but she was sure that Setsuna-san was making plenty of new acquaintances as the event coordinator. Maybe this guy would’ve bumped into her before without even realizing it?

“Meioh Setsuna,” Usagi informed him. “She has a bun on the back of her hair. She’s very tall, about your height—she’s nice, too. A bit introverted, though!”

When he looked down at her, she only just noticed it….his eyes looked so familiar. Stunning. Her azure hues widened in surprise, but just as quickly as it came, they returned to normalcy.

“Um….Were you here with anyone?”

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