(Invitation) One Day There Will Be Answers
Feb 20, 2018
Written by Lish
The Command Center was still something that Setsuna had to get used to, along with everything else, honestly. She was so used to being alone, with only the time door as her companion, except for the times when Small Lady came to visit. Now, Small Lady was missing, they were in a new dimension, and time powers didn't work, which was the most frustrating and concerning thing to Setsuna, the guardian of space and time. Time was her whole identity, and without time to protect, then what use was Setsuna in this world, or any world for that matter? Time needed to be fixed, all of it, setting everything back to the way it should be.

"Minako-Chan?" Calling out for the younger woman, Setsuna looked about the Command Center, which was surprisingly empty for the moment, but that never lasted very long. Setting her leather tote bag down in her corner of the center, Setsuna pulled her transformation pen and time keys out of their secret hiding place in her outfit, setting the pen down near her stuff, Setsuna stretched out the chain that held her keys and secured it once again around her waist. It was a comfort to her, having her keys at her waist, where they had been for centuries. Looking at the keys, Setsuna's eyes seemed to sadden as she counted her keys, with the key Small Lady had taken still missing. Small Lady knew better, she knew that she needed to always keep that key when traveling through time, and now she was missing.

Left hand reaching out and gripping her Garnet Rod, Setsuna raised it up, closing her eyes as she did so. Summoning the time door was so easy for her, she had been doing it forever, the blood of time literally flowed through her veins, a god in her own right, and yet, the door did not come. Sighing, Setsuna set her Garnet Rod down again, the feeling of failure washing over her once again. Every day she came back to the Command Center, she would grasp her rod and try again, hoping beyond hope that it would work this time, but it never worked.

"Minako-Chan?" Calling again, Setsuna was hoping that the leader of the Inner Senshi was around, and perhaps, she had new information to share with Setsuna. Though Setsuna had her own mission, to find the Outer Senshi, she was forced to keep it a secret from the others. To them, they weren't even supposed to know that other Outer Senshi existed, at least, not yet. Setsuna couldn't go around telling them that not only were there three more Senshi, but that they were all alive in the Shadow Dimension and Setsuna was looking for them. In time, Setsuna knew that it would need to come out, and people would be angry with her for keeping more secrets, but Setsuna couldn't alter the way time was intended to be played out, no matter how much it would help to have others assisting her. Instead, Setsuna relied on what information she gained from the Inner Senshi, giving out only vague ideas to help along the way, but never revealing the things that Setsuna knew were to come. The best of all the Senshi at keeping secrets, Setsuna was a great confidant, but secrets were always a double-edged sword.

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Written by Harlow
Minako had been suffering for a long time. She just hadn't been telling anyone because it wasn't fair that she should be putting her problems on them. They were still trying to find Chibiusa and Mamoru. That was their first priority. Once they made sure that everyone was safe, then they could start figuring out how they were going to get home. Because ultimately, as much as they were supposed to fight against the forces of Chaos, this wasn't their home. They didn't belong here and they needed to get back home because there were people that loved them and had to be worried sick about them.

But she couldn't just leave like that. Not anymore. Before it hadn't been a big deal if they had left because this dimension wasn't where the belonged and there was nothing here she wanted. And then... she had seen him. She'd found him. The one man that would always own her heart and she would give him anything. He was the only man that she knew she could be wholly faithful to for the rest of her life. Kunzite. The love of both of her lives.

He was dead back home. She knew that he was dead because she could feel it in her bones and because she had seen him die in front of her. It was the second time that she had lost him. But he was alive here. And as selfish as it was, she knew that she couldn't lose him for the third time. It didn't matter that she wasn't supposed to care about this version of him. It wasn't the same Kunzite that she had fallen in love with, right? But no. She couldn't do it. She couldn't leave him here to die again if the Black Moon figured out who he really was. She wasn't going to lose him.

But then there was the fact that she was under a lot of stress. She was the leader of the team, even if Setsuna was the more experienced senshi and the one that had the most experience with their current situation. She was supposed to make sure that everyone was going to get out of this alive. And that had put her under a tremendous amount of stress. She was usually very happy, but lately, she had been smiling less. She didn't laugh as much.

And she had been snapping at the other girls. She knew she shouldn't take her problems out on them though or make them worry, so she had kept it to herself.

Minako was home before anyone else for the first time. Everyone else was probably out or at work. She didn't really know where they were, to be honest. She had been sitting alone in silence holding her head in her hands while she tried to pull herself together. She was only fifteen but she felt like she was going to start getting grey hair! She looked up when she heard Setsuna and she quickly put a forced smile on her face. "Of course, Setsuna-san. I'm here."

She was really losing her touch. She hadn't even heard Setsuna come in...

Written by Lish
It was with a very heavy heart that Setsuna remained in this world, without her full powers. Did her powers even work at all? Setsuna hadn't used them, due to their incredible nature, she feared being discovered if she dared to use any attack in the command center. As far as the entire world knew, there wasn't even a Sailor Pluto, dead or alive, no one had ever met her, and she wanted to keep it that way. Too many people already knew about her, and there was no telling how that knowledge would change the future once everything was put back into its proper place.

Walking through the command center, the oldest Sailor looked around, hoping to find the young leader of the team that Pluto never thought she would find herself a part of. In many ways, Pluto still wasn't a part of this team, she was focused on finding the Outer Sailors and bringing them together, without awakening Sailor Saturn, that was always the trick between Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. It was a difficult thing to voice out loud, and not even one that Pluto could voice to the Inner Scouts, because none of them had any memory of the four Outer Sailors. Some of them hadn't even been alive by the time that Saturn was summoned, a painful memory that Pluto still remembered, all too well.

As the voice rang out, Setsuna followed it, to find Minako in a chair deep within the command center. "Why are you sitting all alone?" Moving closer to the girl, Setsuna didn't want to hover, already taller than any of the other girls, it just felt awkward to look down at someone while they sat. Pulling up a chair near the younger girl, Setsuna sat down, dark eyes focused solely on Minako, brushing her green-tinted hair behind her ear with her fingers. "Did you learn something new today?"

Listening intently, Setsuna hoped that Minako had new information. With any luck, they wouldn't need to stay here much longer and Setsuna would be able to send everyone else home, and take Small Lady home to King Endymion. Setsuna knew that Neo Queen Serenity was still trapped within her own slumber, but some things needed to work themselves out on their own, in their own time.

Written by Harlow
"I just wanted some peace and quiet, you know? It was a busy day at work and I needed some time to breathe on my own. Don't worry about it." Minako said with a smile on her face as she tried to laugh it off. She had a feeling that the soldier of time wasn't going to believe her though. She wasn't even convincing herself anymore, but she kept that smile plastered on her face anyway. If she was going to keep her pain away from the others, then she was going to need to try and keep it to herself. They didn't need to know about all of the things that had been weighing on her.

Of course, the largest one being that she had been reunited with Kunzite. The man that she had loved more than anything aside from the princess. Her duty to Usagi was always going to be first and she would do everything in her power to keep her safe. But Kunzite had been the one man that she had been willing to give up everything for. She would have stopped letting her eyes wander and fall for every handsome man that walked by.

Kunzite was different and now she had him back. Her heart was still so fragile. The longer that she was around him, the more she knew that she wasn't going to be able to just let go of him again. She couldn't leave him here once they were ready to return home. She could never lose Kunzite for the third time. Not when she could potentially save herself that heartache.

"No. Unfortunately, there was nothing that I was able to learn today. It was a very quiet day at work, honestly. There weren't even that many droids on the street today around the cafe or on my train ride to and from work." Minako was glad that she could at least give an honest report there. Work had been quiet today and the only new things she had learned was gossip between co-workers that wasn't going to help them in their efforts to figure out how to go back home.

Written by Lish
"Even I can see that you are acting differently." Minako was never the loner, much like Usagi, she seemed to love being around her friends, and Artemis. Though originally an advisor to Queen Serenity, the rebirth of Artemis seemed to take him towards Minako, and now Setsuna could see how closely the two were bonded. It was unlikely to see one without the other, unless of course, they were out in public, where the white cat didn't want to hide the crescent moon on his forehead.

"I have noticed, being here, how much people rely on objects and outside things as our source of strength. Even I am guilty of this. I have held the garnet rod for so long, it is difficult to not grasp it in my hand." Looking down at her left hand, Setsuna slowly balled her fingers into a fist, then opened them back up. Her hand felt so empty, but without her time powers, her rod felt so useless. She had powers still, but it was her time powers that made Pluto who she was. "You have all the power of Venus inside you."

Sitting down on the floor in front of Minako, Pluto looked at the younger girl. "How much do you remember from the Silver Millennium?" There was something about Sailor Venus, she had always stood out as a leader among the Inner Senshi, and because of that, she experienced a much different past than the others. The last of the Senshi to die during the fall of the Silver Millennium, she had the unique experience of watching those closest to her die, before Sailor Saturn ended it for good. Did Minako remember that time? Or the good times before the attack?

Keeping silence was something that Pluto had been required to do, but watching the Senshi now, living among them, it changed things. Pluto found herself wanting to talk to them, wanting to help them, and she couldn't, not without ruining everything they knew to be true. Treading carefully, she first needed to know what they remembered, before she could connect further with the Inner Senshi.

Written by Harlow
"We're all acting a little differently, Setsuna-san. It's just the pressure on us." Minako said, trying to keep the smile on her face and try and keep it genuine. She didn't want anyone to worry about her. She had been hiding all of her pain and misery away from everyone and it was so hard for her. She had to hide it from Artemis and Usagi. They were the two that she loved the most in the world and she was dying to talk to them about it. But she couldn't make her problems be their problems as well.

"That's because my power doesn't rely on any one single object. The Venus Love-Me-Chain is a physical manifestation of my power, but it isn't what grants me that power. Even the Holy Sword is just another tool and weapon that I can use to channel my power. My power is from love itself." Minako said as she curled a fist over her heart. Her love was strong. But it wasn't just her own love that made her powerful. It was the love of everyone around her. It was the love that brothers had for their sisters. It was the love that tied couples together. It was the love that made friendships blossoms.

"Love is what makes me powerful and it's all around us at all times. Hope is what gives Usagi her strength. And Love is right there with hope. As long as people love one another, I will never lose my power." Minako said. At that moment, she looked ancient beyond her fifteen years of life. It was sometimes easy to pretend like she was just a normal girl. She was the one who joked most often with Usagi, but she always took her duty as a Senshi extremely seriously.

Especially when it came to keeping her princess safe.

Minako was quiet. She didn't want to answer that question, but she remembered more than most of the other girls did. She had remembered even before Sailor Moon had been awakened. She looked over at Setsuna, her blue eyes filled with pain. "I remember it all, even the parts that bring me nothing but pain. Like losing Kunzite and watching Princess Serenity fall upon her sword."

Written by Lish
"This may all feel new to you, but in reality, you are well prepared for this. You all have always been guardians, even if you do not always remember." Princesses in their pasts, they were always raised to be soldiers, to guard their princess, just as Setsuna was. A soldier from afar, it was Setsuna's ultimate mission to protect Princess Serenity from the corruption of time, a mission she had failed.

"Usagi is not thinking logically, she is overcome by grief at being separated from Mamoru, but there are far more important things to focus on. Without stopping the Black Moon Clan and repairing the tear in the space-time dimension, things will continue to get worse, and not just for this dimension. Without all of you back in your dimension, things will deteriorate there as well, and if you are gone too long...the future will forever be changed and Crystal Tokyo may even cease to exist. Here, if the Black Moon Clan continue to stay, then there is a possibility that time will worsen and tear apart even further. I cannot feel the time door as I always could, and I fear for what that means, for all of us."

Looking away from Mina, towards her garnet rod, Setsuna longed for her powers to work again. If she could never return to the time door, then it might mean that the door no longer existed, and without space-time, there was no balance or order to the world. If time was free to remain torn, then anything could happen, even allowing for more wormholes to open and continue to distort time. There was no way of saying what would happen.

"I tell you this because you are Sailor Venus, and while the Princess may truly be the heart of everyone, you are the strength. You are intelligent and have always had the ability to carry out your mission first, above all other things. The Princess always looked to your council when she was unsure of what to do, and now she needs you more than anything. If we cannot find a way home and return things to how they should be, then Queen Serenity's sacrifice to send all of you here will be for nothing, and the past will repeat itself." Minako might not have seen the end of the war, when the Outer Soldiers came together and awoken Sailor Saturn to bring destruction on them all, but it was not pretty, and it would not be pretty this time around either.

Written by Harlow
"None of this is new to me, Setsuna-san I have been a Senshi for longer than I can even remember in just this life time. I remember almost everything that happened during the Silver Millennium. But different dimensions? That wasn't something that I was prepared for. This isn't where we belong." Minako said in a quieter tone than normal. She had been prepared for the usual suspects. When they had gone up against Queen Metallia and her goons, that had bee something that she could wrap her head around. When the Black Moon had first started to attack them, she had understood what she needed to do.

But now? She wasn't even in the same dimension that she belonged in. This wasn't natural and she resented the fact that she had been ripped away from everything that she had ever known and loved. The only good thing that she had come to learn about here in this dimension was her beloved Kunzite. She was glad that he was alive somewhere, even if it was back home.

She still firmly planned on trying to find a way to take him back with her when they were finally able to return home.

"None of us are thinking logically, Setsuna-san. We've all been separated from the people that we love. And to say that Usagi can't think logically because of her being separated from Mamoru-san is a little bit cruel. I know you've stood at the Doors of Time since even before I was alive, but you watched what happened when Queen Metallia attacked the Silver Millennium. When Prince Endymion died, Princess Serenity's grief was too much for her to bear and she fell upon his sword." The gleaming in Minako's eyes was one of an ancient pain. Once again, she looked much older than her current fifteen years of age.

"She loves him dearly. I am the guardian of love, so I know just how much she cares for him. Maybe she's just being a selfish teenage girl in love, but that's the thing. When you truly love someone, there is no logic to it. There is just elation and pain." Minako didn't mean to sound harsh, but from what she could tell, Setsuna was quite cold and didn't seem to understand stronger emotions like the other girls did. Minako herself was Sailor Venus. Love was what gave her her power. She could never fault Usagi for the way that she felt. She felt it herself especially when it came to Kunzite.

She took a breath and she closed her eyes. She supposed that she could understand what the older Senshi was telling her. Her duty to protect Usagi was of the utmost importance. But there was something that she felt like the Soldier of Time was missing. "I agree. I will do whatever I can to make sure that we get home and Usagi-chan is safe, but my duty is more than just keeping her alive. We need to find Mamoru-san. Because if she loses him again, she'll do the same thing as she did during the Silver Millennium. And I will not allow history to repeat itself."

Written by Lish
"Space and time are very tricky and while dimensions are never meant to cross, they have. All we can do now is find a way to restore my powers so you all can return home and I can return to where I belong, before anything worse comes of this situation." Time was fickle, and while it held great strength in itself, disrupting it could make time collapse in on itself as well. Setsuna feared the worst if things continued on this way, with dimensions crossed and no one guarding the time gate, this was why there were rules in place, and why Setsuna was desperate to correct things. She could feel it in the blood that ran through her veins, this was not good.

Minako, Sailor Venus, had been the leader of the Sailor Senshi back on the Moon Kingdom and Setsuna had always admired her for her role. Now, however, Setsuna was beginning to wonder if Minako could handle their current mission, and it made Setsuna all the more aware of how quickly she needed to find Uranus and Neptune. Uranus and Neptune were Outer Senshi, as Setsuna was, and they understood, just like Setsuna, that the mission always had to come first, even before your heart. It was why the Outer Senshi could fulfill their missions so well and execute them without fail every time, even if it meant pulling their powers together to do so.

"I know exactly what happened during the Silver Millennium. Though you didn't see it, I was there, and I was there after everyone else was gone. I have seen more history and destruction than anyone else will ever know, but I have seen the future as well. I fear if we do not return home soon, then the future will not be there at all. Or worse, being stuck here forever because we missed our chance." What kind of life was it here? Setsuna had spent so little of her time outside the time gates, it was hard for her to say, but from what the others constantly said, this was not how life was meant to be. Would they remain in this center forever? Huddling in fear? Or would they all move on and separate, never to bring together their powers again because it was still too risky to be seen as Senshi. The possibilities were endless, they always were, but it was difficult to say just what action would change the future forever, especially without her time powers.

Standing up, Setsuna turned away from the girl, shaking her head. What more could Setsuna say to make them understand? She had no time powers, time was broken, and that was a serious and very troubling problem, and yet, all they wanted to do was find love. It was maddening.

"Then perhaps I am cruel, but I take my oath to my queen seriously. Mamoru-chan is an adult, he can survive on his own. And Small Lady...she is tough and will always find her way back. She was my truest friend and she is missing too, but I cannot deny the greater threat to stop everything and look for her. I hold out hope that she will come back as she always has, because of how strong she is."

Walking to her staff, Setsuna reached out with her left hand and grasped the staff again, maroon eyes moving straight to the garnet orb that sat on top of the staff. "I had hoped that you could help Usagi-Chan see her responsibilities as well. I must carry out my oath to protect time, even if it means having to find others to help." Staring at the orb, Setsuna had hoped to never bring the talismans together again, but if they couldn't fix time, what option did she have left? Though she prayed to Chronos that it would not come to that.

Written by Harlow
"The future and time don't matter if Usagi-chan is dead! Don't you understand that? Mamoru-san isn't just the man she loves, he is one of the reasons that she exists. Maybe you watched but you weren't there when Prince Endymion died, she killed herself. History will repeat itself again because Usagi cannot live without him." Minako raised her voice now, her body shaking angrily. Setsuna was a wise woman and she had been a senshi even longer than Minako herself had been. But why couldn't she just see why they had to find the lost prince? It wasn't just because the heart was fickle.

"Did you watch when Queen Metallia attacked again? And Usagi-chan believed that she had killed Mamoru-san again? She nearly killed herself again. That was only a matter of months ago! You can lecture me about taking things too easily. You can lecture me about loving someone or helping someone find the person they love, but until you have truly loved someone as much as Usagi-chan loves Mamoru-san, then you will never understand." She said, again speaking more harshly then she would have normally intended. She didn't want to fight with her.

But she wanted her to understand.

Minako had been under such a tremendous pressure. She was breaking at the seams and she didn't know what to do to fix it. In her mind, she didn't matter as long as Usagi was saved and sent back to their dimension. If she had to make the decision to give her own life in order to save her best friend, then she would do it.

"But never doubt my willingness to fulfill my mission, Setsuna-san. I will not and have never put my own feelings ahead my duty to keep Usagi-chan safe. And like I said, time doesn't matter if she's dead, because without her, there will be no future to protect." She was trembling once again.

"I am not some spoiled child with her head in the clouds. My domain is love and that is where I draw my power from. If you cannot understand why I put so much emphasis on love, then our discussion here is done. Do not speak to me on these things again, Setsuna-san, because I will not allow any harm to come to my dearest friend. I will protect her until the day I die and if saving her means finding Mamoru-san, then I don't give a damn what I have to give up. I'll do it." Minako said, her blue eyes hard. She wasn't being a selfish little girl.

She wasn't. She turned on her heel and went to storm out.

Written by Lish
"Death is a privilege! It shielded you from Queen Serenity's final act, but I was there for that." Raising her voice, Setsuna could no longer speak sweetly to these children as though they were friends. Setsuna was a guardian of the very fiber that held the entire universe together, she had sworn an oath to that, to her queen, and she would always keep her word and keep time safe. It was always meant to be a solitary job and suddenly Setsuna was beginning to understand why. Time wasn't a priority to the Inner Senshi, they prioritized their relationships over time, and while Setsuna believed their love to be noble, it was only going to make things worse.

There was no stopping Sailor Saturn from arising if Setsuna joined up with Haruka and Michiru. She had already found Haruka, and the leader of the Outer Senshi recognized Setsuna, but Setsuna had kept her distance from both of the Outer Senshi at the same time. Though Setsuna left her garnet orb in the Command Center, it was still dangerous, setting off that chain of events that would summon Sailor Saturn. Now, however, Setsuna feared that their might not be another option. Without the full help of the Inner Senshi, there was only one play that the Outer Senshi knew that was powerful enough to fix the timeline.

"You may think you know how this all ends, but I have seen it. It does not change from dimension to dimension. It will be your passion for Usagi-chan's emotions that will lead towards destruction, and in the end, you may remember that I told you this, back when you could still fix things. This moment in time will be what leads further towards destruction, because you refuse to do what must be done. It is a chain reaction, and I believe it has already begun."

Maroon eyes darkened with sadness as she recalled the summoning of Sailor Saturn. It happened a second time, in the future, though it was thwarted by Princess Serenity's control over the Silver Crystal. But here, now, Setsuna had seen enough to know that the princess was not yet strong enough to thwart off Sailor Saturn's ultimate attack. Setsuna had tried to get the Inner Senshi to understand the gravity of what was happening, but they were focused on finding the lost instead of the Black Moon Clan and repairing what was broken.

"I will do everything I must to correct this mistake, no matter what the cost." Looking back to the garnet orb, Setsuna held her staff tightly, protectively. If the Inner Senshi were not ready to take on this battle, then Setsuna had no other option, she needed to meet with Haruka again. "I have work to begin." Grabbing her transformation pen where it had sat near the staff, Setsuna concealed it and the keys once more, along with her staff. Whatever Minako did now did not effect Setsuna as the older guardian headed to the exit as well, leaving the Command Center, taking her staff with her for the first time since coming to the Shadow Dimension.

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