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February 2017, before Mugen Gakuen Charity
Tag: Koan/Ayakashi
Written by Vicky
Heels clicked as Esmeraude walked the marble halls of the 21st Century Nemesis. The planet was young and constantly growing, feeding off the dark energy of the Milky Way with an unstoppable force. The planet's impressive growth within the past few years had always impressed Esmeraude, it was abnormal and no 21st Century human would ever understand it. Not even she understood it and she was close to the Prince and Wiseman.
But it was also plagued with vermin that shouldn't have been granted access to their precious planet, 21st Century humans who had joined the Black Moon's cause. Esmeraude understood why they were granted access, but it didn't mean that they'd be given her respect. Them being granted access to their fortress meant the potential of trespassers who desired to learn more about their planet, but Esmeraude trusted her Prince to prevent that from ever happening.
No one but the Black Moon deserved to research Nemesis, and only those from the 30th Century.
And fortunately, the Black Crystal's core was a forbidden territory to anyone but a select few. Namely, those from the 30th Century and closest to the commanders and their Prince. Those 21st Century Earthlings who desired to return to Earth were required to be escorted when they were at the core. Esmeraude's brown hues gazed at the core with fascination, her index finger was placed against her chin.
"Prince Demand's plans have never failed us," Esmeraude praised as she gazed towards one of the 30th Century droids. "But I wonder…why is there not more security to such a precious location with the current threats on Earth?"
The droid remained silent, unable to answer Esmeraude's question. Esmeraude knew that it wouldn't either. But Esmeraude had desired more information about Earth that she knew she would only receive from a select few.
"Ayakashi!" Esmeraude summoned, uncaring of whom heeded her call, so long as someone did. It was unwise to upset Esmeraude, even though Crimson Rubeus had frequently done so. He, however, was of a commanding rank, therefore such behavior Esmeraude was in no position to attack unless passive aggressively.

Written by
Koan had always felt at home on Nemesis. A lot of people still hated it, despite the fact that they had given themselves over to the darkness. But the youngest of the sisters had never felt that way. She felt at ease. This was where she had belonged. It was where she belonged. It was where she could revel in the darkness in her heart and take in the chaos all around her. The power that radiated off of the planet was immense and she loved it. She craved it more than any food. It was her ambrosia.

And yet, she had to say that she shared the same mind of many of the others that had come from the 30th century. This place was supposed to be sacred ground and now it felt like anyone could come here and she could only help but wonder why. She had been sent to Nemesis by Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion when her darker tendencies began to show themselves. She had always been cruel and had loved making other people suffer. She absolutely reveled in it.

These humans didn't deserve the powers that they were being given and they didn't deserve to step foot on Nemesis. But she was never so forward to actively speak out against Demand's word. She wasn't a complete fool.

Koan had taken to hiding away in her room because she was trying to focus on her powers. She was trying to see the future events. She knew that there was mischief afoot on Earth, and she wanted to be the one that rooted it out. The problem was that the future didn't seem to come as easily to her as it normally might. And she was growing more and more angry about that fact. She nearly hurled the crystal ball at the wall as she stood and she began to pace.

I know that there is something going on! I can feel it in my bones! But I don't dare to say anything to the others if I am wrong. I don't want to be punished for being wrong. And even more, I don't want to lose the chance of being right and discovering the cause of these feelings! She thought bitterly to herself and whirled around as she stalked up to her mirror, glaring at her reflection.

"Ah! This damned time period is awful! We have won! I don't understand why we can't return to the future where we belong. Crystal Tokyo would have never been created and the world will be more primal and chaotic. Perfect for us!" She growled and clenched her fists. She hated this place. She wanted to return home.

But it wasn't her decision to make. She would stay put for as long as Prince Demand decided that they were going to stay. She wished that she could make some whispers in his ear to try and get him to move them back to the future. It was unlikely to happen, however.

She heard herself and her sisters being called as though it were a whisper on the wind. Esmeraude was calling. She raised a brow and in a flash of blue fire, she teleported from her room and then into the room where the commander was located. She crossed her arms over her chest, her head cocked to the side. "You called?"

Written by Vicky
Esmeraude remembered how things were before. Those with the knowledge of the future were able to return back to the 30th Century by traveling through the core, as well as to the past. Now…they weren't able.
Her brown hues watched the core for any anomaly, any sign of it. The only explanation that could be said was that the core was too young. But was that truly the case? The green haired beauty had doubted it. But their clan had been rather fortunate that the least thing that the 21st Century humans thought about was the far future, only the present and upcoming futures that they were able to reach.
But those within the Resistance were troublesome fools who seemed to think about their overall future. That's one reason why she hated them, one reason why she believed that the opportunity to investigate Mugen Gakuen freely without suspicion shouldn't be wasted.
"Yes," Esmeraude replied dryly to the youngest of the Ayakashi as she began to pry. "What do you know of the Resistance cell in Sankakusu?"
As she was tasked with going in Prince Demand's steed, Esmeraude refused to attend an event hosted by a highly suspicious location without much knowledge.
"Our Prince has tasked me with going to a charity event at Mugen Gakuen. I have suspected Resistance activity for quite some time, and I suspect that our little Witches believe similar. They seem to spend a lot of time there. But that damned Professor is quite intelligent to be able to hide from us under the cloak of darkness if he has any relation…"

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