Aggressive Tendencies
Written by Harlow

Oh man. He's been trying so hard to make sure that Chibiusa is say that he would be willing to kill for her. Of course, he does want Usagi back. He hasn't said anything about it to Chibiusa, but he's actually become convinced that Usagi is dead. Otherwise, why wouldn't they have been able to find her? He's very upset about the whole thing but tries very hard to keep his feelings wrapped up so he doesn't worry Chibiusa.

That being said! He really does care for her a lot and he's going to try and shelter her as much as he can. He doesn't want her to get hurt. So yes. I want all of the drama and heartache with these two because I love tragedy. <3

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Mamoru and Luna

Luna is actively searching for Mamoru (and Chibi-Usa) with all means at her disposal, because the sooner and in better shape he/they are found, the happier Usagi will be. Luna is looking to ensure the existence of Crystal Tokyo and Mamoru plays his part in that. If she were sure Yuichiro = Mamoru, Luna’s not above engineering awkward meetings between him and Ayumi, Luna mindmelds in the event of amnesia, etc. to the point of annoying both of them. ^_^

Otherwise, he and Luna probably be on a similar page about the BMC, etc. Too bad Luna doesn’t know Mamoru’s older now and Mamoru doesn’t know the guardians can assume human form, but that adds to the mystery. >D!

[obligatory Caturdays plug here] XD

Mamoru and Keid

Suity McMask! >D

This has so many opportunities to go bad and I want endorse all of them. Figure Mamoru and Keid would clash on pretty much anything in the present, since Mamoru’s a human salaryman with a Resistance grudge and Keid’s a smug alien publically aligned with the BMC . ^_^; Plus his sixth sense would pick up on the fact that Katarou is not what he says he is. ^_^;

Keid would potentially be very fond of Mamoru’s girlfriend – reverence rather than romance, though. If Mr. If-He-But-Knew knew who/what Usagi is, Serenity would on the YOUR HIGHNESS pedestal immediately, because she is Princes Anti-Chaos and the Guardian of the Cosmos itself. That’s cute, it might radically alter Keid’s perception of things, but I can’t see Mamoru appreciating Keid’s presence AT ALL either way. And that Ginzuishou is tempting, which would put Keid on Mamoru’s Death List somewhere between Prince Demand and the rest of the Black Moon. ETA: It may or may not be this.

BONUS ROUND: Mamoru knows and ensures Chibi-Usa is safe while Keid is trapped in information limbo regarding the well-being concerning his own kids. Cue subconscious dad envy.

With enough time and a common purpose (like hatred of BMC; also, Mamarou might be acquainted with Ojii-san, but that’s conjectural and requires adminly approval), they could possibly form an understanding built on “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Or possibly one built on sake and shouchuu. It depends. But that whole Ginzuishou bit reaaaally wouldn’t help. ^_^;

Written by Second
Mamoru + Chibiusa:
Nii-san! Okay, so Chibiusa loves Mamoru and is super protective of him, which, you know, good, they're both protective of each other. She's also (attempting) to hide from him that she's still involved in so much shit right now. How well she's hiding the fact that she continues to seek out trouble is up to you? She knows Mamoru, meanwhile, is probably involved in the Resistance, approves, and just quietly avoids any chatter that directly confirms it so she can pretend she doesn't know. I do know that I implied that they both equally know the other is in trouble and that Mamoru will keep Chibiusa home and try to coddle her if she comes home with too many visible injuries, at least? I imagine that Mamoru has been trying to figure out what's up with Chibiusa for ages, she just doesn't want to worry him. (After all, all of this is her fault, right?)

She's... really bad at staying out of actual trouble...

Anyway, basically, we need Chibiusa to interact with Mamoru. Her beloved Papa Nii-san (which, you know what, this whole situation has messed with her head in ways other than just the trauma when she has trouble thinking of her Papa as her Papa instead of her brother, but). It will be very fluffy and cute and occasionally angsty. Let's go.

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