• Thread Title must be your character's name using their ethnicity's naming conventions, e.g. Tsukino Usagi. If your character's a Sailor Senshi please style it Tsukino Usagi, Sailor Moon.
  • Label your thread as WIP or Ready depending on your application's status.
  • BUMP your thread when your application's finished! The staff team will assume it's not finished otherwise. Applications are usually responded to within 24-48 hours.
  • WIP applications will be moved to a staff only forum within 14 days if no edits have been made, following the same general guidelines to canon reservations.

Application Template
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Character's Name

Faction Here" width="100px" height="100px">
Alias: Here.
Age: Here.
Pronouns: Here.
Ethnicity: Here.
Occupation: Here.
Play-by: Here. Optional.
Personal Belongings: List all of your character's noteworthy personal belongings here. If your character's a Sailor Senshi or a Black Moon member with artillery list them here too.

Personality Traits

Only one trait per line, there must be a minimum of 5 positive and 5 negative traits.  Traits must be one word, e.g. friendly. Do not elaborate. See this page for a list of personality traits if you're having difficulty!

Do not remove the | from the code, removing it will break the code.


If your character is a civilian or has no power please omit this section.

Name: What's your character's alter-ego's name? e.g. Sailor Moon. If your character's a member of the Black Moon, they won't have an alter-ego therefore omit this section.
Element: What's your character's element of influence? For example, fire, water, ice, lightning. Mandatory for all characters who have power.
Attacks/Abilities: List and describe your character's attacks and abilities, please include their weaknesses and how they're performed. If they use a weapon with the attack please mention it and include the weapon in the personal belongings section. Please write your attacks/abilities in your own words!


This profile must be in biography format and in third person, past tense.

If you're playing an original character inform us about your character's life up until now. Remember that your character's application must properly reflect their age.

Canon histories

  • Silver Dimension canons: Don't summarize your character's series history, we're only interested in what happened after they fell through the wormhole and arrived in the Shadow Dimension. Did they become employed? Are they in school? How are they coping? If they were separated from their teammates, please make sure that you include their reunion with the other Silvers in their history as we're moving past reunion plots. You're welcome to create your own or follow the guideline provided in the roster.
  • Shadow Dimension: Tell us about your character's life from their childhood up until the point they enter the game. Were they involved in the war? How did the Black Moon's takeover affect them? Black Moons are expected to include series information as well, remember that Shadow Dimension canons diverge after Act 19. Exceptions are given to the Ayakashi, who only need to give information after they were resurrected by Wiseman

Writing Sample

Please give us a writing sample based on the series canon character that you're applying for. If you're applying for an original character (even site canon Ketians) you can erase this section.

Remember that while we're a no word count game, this area is for us to get an idea of how you portray the character, so take your time on it and don't rush! We expect to see dialogue in this area, but you're not allowed to include other series canons in your sample. Please use NPCs instead.


Your Name: Here.
Age: Here.
Pronouns: Optional, feel free to omit if you prefer not to specify!
Contact Details: Here.
Time Zone:  Here.
How'd you find us?:  Here.

Written by

Application Code

[h1]Character's Forename Surname Here[/h1]
[faction]Faction Here[/faction]
[avatar]URL only. 1 100x100 icon of your character here.[/avatar]
[b]Alias[/b]: Here.
[b]Age[/b]: Here.
[b]Pronouns[/b]: Here.
[b]Ethnicity[/b]: Here.
[b]Occupation[/b]: Here.
[b]Play-by[/b]: Here. Optional.
[b]Personal Belongings[/b]: Here. This should be in list format if there's more than one personal belonging.
[*]Bullet here

[personality positive="Positive traits here. One trait per line.
Positive traits here. One trait per line.
Positive traits here. One trait per line.
Positive traits here. One trait per line.
Positive traits here. One trait per line." negative="Negative traits here. One trait per line.
Negative traits here. One trait per line.
Negative traits here. One trait per line.
Negative traits here. One trait per line.
Negative traits here. One trait per line."][/personality]

[b]Attacks/Abilities[/b]: Here.
[*]Bullet here

Here. Read walkthrough for additional information.

[writing]Here. See walkthrough for additional information.[/writing]

[b]Your Name[/b]: Here.
[b]Age[/b]: Here.
[b]Pronouns[/b]: Here. Optional, feel free to omit if you prefer not to specify!
[b]Contact Details[/b]: Here.
[b]Time Zone[/b]:  Here.
[b]How'd you find us?[/b]:  Here.

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