Absences & Returns
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Please respond to this thread to notify us if you'll be absent for more than 14 days using the form below. As per rules, absences posted must have an exact date of when to expect you to return. Absences cannot last forever and if we find that you're extending your absence too many times, we may choose to PM you and void your extensions.

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[b]Date Leaving[/b]:
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Tsukino Chibiusa
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Tsukino Chibiusa

I recently moved and the place I'm at doesn't have internet right now I'm working on getting it though.

Date Leaving:

Date Returning:

Written by Eli
Your Name: Eli
Characters Affected: Tenoh Haruka, Kunzite (I'mgoingtofinishhimIswear)
Reason: So apparently I'm moving in 2 months Big Grin? Which means packing and things and life crushing my soul and other things. I'll still be around and I'm not going to stop trying to post however, this is a heads up for y'all that if I'm super inactive, well, this is why. xD
Date Leaving: ASAP. So, 7/5.
Date Returning: Tbh I'm not entirely sure? I'm gonna go ahead and say 9/30 to overshoot it a bit, but hopefully shit'll calm down before then.

Written by Vicky
Your Name: Vicky
Characters Affected: Usagi, Diana, Calaveras
Reason: Irma. We're riding out the storm and we're putting shutters and bordering up our home. I noticed there was a brief power surge earlier today, so in case we lose power I'm posting this ahead of time. I'll be back once the power returns if we do lose it. Alternatively, I may communicate via my phone. For those of you curious, I live in Southwest Florida in Collier County just in case you're keeping up with the news. I'll try getting replies up tonight but I'm not making guarantees. And no, my city wasn't under mandatory evacuation. :D We've sat through Katrina, Wilma, Andrew, and other major storms and our house is fine.
Date Leaving: 8/9 at night.
Date Returning: N/A. Depends if we lose power. If we don't, I'll be stickin' around. <3

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Your Name: Renoir
Characters Affected: Andromeda
Reason: Irma
Like Vicky, we are riding the storm out. I'm further to the north and it's expected to pass over me directly in Tampa. I'll be back as soon as I can.
Date Leaving: Sunday, September 9th
Date Returning: ?

Written by
Your Name: Lee/Fortune
Characters Affected: Keid

I live! I'll break down my ghostiness. One thing kind of leads to another.
  • School: The main reason I went AWOL. Mostly English class' - lots of busywork writing. But we're past the midterms point and I'm getting into the groove. On the other hand, school is suspended because...
  • Fire: The roof Sonoma/Napa counties is was on fire! :'( Don't worry about - I live about 20 minutes away, so everyone in our area is fine. I attend school in Napa, which was converted into an evac center, so classes and coursework have been suspended into next week. This worked out because...
  • Vacation: Mr. Fortune and I had a scheduled week off anyway. It was a nice trip! I brought home a souvenir headcold, but it's hard to complain.

Above all, I'm very, very sorry for ghosting on you guys.

Date Leaving: I think I did this part already. -_-;
Date Returning: Soon. >D

Written by
Your Name: Harlow
Characters Affected: Tomoe Hotaru, Koan, Aino Minako, Chiba Mamoru, Cassiopeia, Kakyuu
Reason: I have carpal tunnel, and it's so bad I've lost feeling in my left hand entirely, leaving it very difficult to write. Within a few days, it should be better.
Date Leaving: 11/5
Date Returning: 11/8

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