Pre-Game Timeline

This timeline will provide you with pre-game events and manga panels associated with them so that everyone's on the same page. If you have any questions concerning our divergence, please ask in our Help Desk!

As we develop our world we will continue to expand this timeline. This timeline does not include IC events.  Please see Character Organizers for character timelines and for event timelines, see their master Plotting Center threads.


Spring (Panel)

  • One year ago: The Silver Inners awaken and combat the Dark Kingdom.
  • Four years ago: The Shadow Inners awaken and combat the Dark Kingdom.

July Silver and Shadow Dimensions

  • One year ago: The Silver Inners begin to combat the Black Moon Clan.
  • Four years ago: The Shadow Inners begin to combat the Black Moon Clan.

Beginning of August, 2014. Shadow Dimension.

  • Manga Act 19: Shadow Moon, Venus, Chibiusa, Tuxedo Kamen and the cats travel into the future for the first time.
  • Uranus and Neptune awaken.
  • Manga Act 19: The Shadow Black Moon initiates Operation Replay and travel into the 21st Century and invade Earth. (Panel 1, Panel 2)
  • Manga Act 19: Space-time distorts and the ability to travel through time is disabled.
  • Earthlings become a united force to combat the Black Moon.

November 2014, Shadow Dimension.

  • November 20th:  The Black Moon successfully conquers the Earth of the 21st Century. Reformations begin and take a year to complete.
  • Week 1, post-war: They begin to deploy droids throughout the Earth to act as enforcers.
  • Week 1, post-war: The Black Moon passes a law that allows Sailor Senshi to be manhunted and Earthlings to be incinerated for crimes against the Black Moon.
  • Week 1, post-war: A great reformation in the medical field begins.
  • Week 2, post-war: All drugs become contraband.
  • Week 3, post-war: The Black Moon begins massive raids for contraband.

October 2014, Shadow Dimension.

  • Education systems throughout Earth begin to reform in accordance to the Black Moon's propaganda.
  • The Black Moon begin to recruit Earthlings to join their cause.

August --- 2014, Silver Dimension

  • Manga Act 21: Chibiusa loses her time key in the intervals of space-time and instead of encountering Wiseman, falls through the wormhole leading her into the Shadow Dimension. (Panel)
  • Manga Act 22: Tuxedo Kamen rushes into the intervals of space-time to search for Chibiusa and falls through a wormhole arriving in the Shadow Dimension.  (Panel)
  • Manga Act 23: The Silver Inners begin an expedition into the intervals of space-time to search for Chibiusa and Tuxedo Kamen. After Sailor Moon faints, they fall through a wormhole leading them into the Shadow Dimension.  (Panel)
  • August 20th: The wormhole into the Shadow Dimension closes in the intervals of space-time. Sailor Pluto is unable to use her temporal powers.

The game begins January 17th, 2018, Shadow Dimension.

Notice: All panels are from Miss Dream and are where we become canon divergent.


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