The Storyline

History can be changed and time travel will always be taboo.

Nobody knew that the Black Moon were invading the Earth of the Shadow Dimension, the only remnants of their early sightings were from the crop circles that appeared throughout the globe from when the Black Moon's flying saucers landed. Reports on spontaneous combustion began to be more frequent throughout Earth.

It wasn't until a national televised broadcast on channeling in Japan by Calaveras that it became clear that the Earth was being invaded only days before the Black Moon attacked, but nobody took the claim seriously. That was until the Black Moon's spaceships appeared in the sky during August 2014, and for the first time in history Earthlings became a united force and fought to defend their planet. They used as many resources as they could and they were uninformed that their invaders were from the future.

The Black Moon's futuristic technologies and superpowers were an unstoppable force, and the Black Moon displayed their power by plunging a Black Crystal monolith into the United States, destroying the Americas and Canada. The Black Moon won the war on November 20th, 2014.

Time became distorted then, and any attempt to travel through time was denied. The Black Moon could no longer return to the 30th Century.

The absence of Sailor Moon and her team hadn't gone unnoticed to Earthlings during the war. Unknowingly to Earthlings, shortly before Prince Demando led his campaign, Sailor Moon and her team performed their very first Time Warp into the future with Chibiusa. Instead of attacking them Prince Demando led his soldiers into the past, and they celebrated an unmatched victory with the absence of Sailor Moon and her team.

In order to commend Prince Demando's success, Wiseman resurrected the Ayakashi and revealed to Demando, Saphir, Rubeus and Esmeraude that he was Death Phantom, an aspect of Chaos. Wiseman had then increased the power of the Black Crystal Earrings, amplifying and twisting their beliefs. They then proceeded to enforce their rule onto Earthlings, creating their Black Moon Society.

Their goal? Operation Replay! To rewrite history in favor of the Black Moon Clan!

A Silver Lining

In an alternate universe called the Silver Dimension set four years behind (August 2014), Sailor Moon managed to rescue her friends from the 30th Century Nemesis, the 10th planet in the Solar System. After their escape, they returned to the Space-Time Door to discover that Chibiusa and Tuxedo Kamen were missing and lost in the intervals of space-time. Determined to find them, Sailor Moon led her team on an expedition into the intervals.

Just as Sailor Pluto feared, the conditions were far too dangerous to travel, and they fell through a wormhole that transported them into the Shadow Dimension set four years ahead (January 2018) of their own universe. They landed in Tokyo, Japan. They discovered that the Black Moon Clan reigned supreme in this universe and set on a mission to find Chibiusa and Tuxedo Kamen. Unknowingly to them, both of them had fallen through the wormhole before they could become Wiseman's pawns.

The Revolution

By January 2018 Earthlings are still adjusting to a new way of life under the Black Moon Society. But no one has forgotten Sailor Moon and her team, their whereabouts unknown and many declared them dead as Sailor Senshi became outlaws and a law was passed to legally manhunt them.

Knowing that it was far too dangerous to take over their Shadow counterparts' lives, the Silver Dimension counterparts of Shadow Sailor Moon and her team were forced to create disguises for themselves and adjust to this new society as they searched for their missing comrades. But they too could not return home, the wormhole had permanently closed and Sailor Pluto could no longer travel through space-time.

Chaos is stirring across the Shadow Dimension as the missing light of the Sol System guardians has been sensed across the galaxy. Princess Kakyuu has journeyed far with her Starlights and recruited the Galactica in efforts to find the missing White Moon.

Can everyone succeed in their mission? Just how far will the Resistance be willing to go in order to retake the Earth?  Just what happened to the Shadow Dimension senshi who simply vanished four years ago? Will Sailor Pluto be able to stabilize space-time to send everyone back home?

Only time will tell…

Tokyo, Japan 2018


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