The Silver Dimension Team

Who is from the Silver Dimension?

    Only Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei, Kino Makoto, Aino Minako, Chiba Mamoru, Tsukino Chibiusa, Meioh Setsuna, Luna, Artemis and Diana are from the Silver Dimension. Every other character in the game is from the Shadow Dimension.


    All Silvers are four years younger than their Shadow Dimension counterparts. Silver Usagi is 15 years old therefore her Shadow Dimension counterpart would be 19.

    As Chiba Mamoru has grown older, he is now 20 instead of 17. The same applies to Chibiusa as she is now 13 instead of 9.


    Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus are limited to attacks and abilities that were mentioned from Act 1 – Act 23. The girls may have ONE attack or ability mentioned in the classic anime within this timeframe, but no further. By default we will ask that any attacks or abilities that were mentioned in your application after Act 23 are removed.

    Sailor Pluto is the only exception, as she is the oldest Sailor Senshi she is able to have her attacks and abilities mentioned from any form.

    Sailor Chibi Moon is limited to attacks and abilities used in her first form in the manga, therefore anything in her Super form is not permitted. Be aware that there may be drastic differences with her attacks and abilities in the 90s anime and manga, and as we're primarily based on the manga, it's required to follow that.

Separation Reminder

    If your character was separated from the Inners, Pluto and the cats they wouldn't be aware that they are currently in an alternate reality until they become informed of it by those four or have done their own investigations. They're more likely to believe that they're in their current dimension but in a different timeline.

Sailor Pluto

    There is only one Sailor Pluto who coexists in both dimensions as until now she lived outside of time, just as there is only one Space-Time Door. As Sailor Pluto never died in the Shadow Dimension to perform Time Stop, she was never reborn as Meioh Setsuna. Meioh Setsuna is an alias that she created for her human form when she de-transformed since arriving in the Shadow Dimension.

    Similarly, Shadow!Chibiusa’s relationship with Setsuna is also different in the Shadow Dimension, as she wouldn’t have befriended her like she would have Silver!Chibiusa—she would have merely stolen her time keys.

    This also means that the Sailor Pluto that Shadow Sailor Neptune and Uranus are looking for is the same one that’s currently traveling with the Inner Senshi. As a result, things have become much more complicated for the Outers to perform their missions once they become reunited.

The First Few Days

On the first day of their arrival, Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Luna and Artemis arrived at Juuban park. Sailor Pluto tried to summon the Space-Time Door to no avail, and the girls retreated to the Command Center undisguised and in their civilian attire.

After spotting a droid on their way, they’d known right away that the world wasn’t safe. Something was wrong. The absence of the Sailor V game was discovered, and Luna had to use an alternate access to the Command Center.

The first few days were primarily of reconnaissance, but they’d known on the first day from Sailor Pluto that the world wasn’t their own. They’d all have been able to determine from the Black Moon’s propaganda messages that the Sailor Senshi were illegals, therefore they’d have to hide their real selves and create disguises. Luna would be responsible for creating disguise tools for each of the girls and take their unique style into consideration.

The only ones who hadn’t needed to create disguises were Sailor Pluto, Luna and Artemis, as the Black Moon hadn’t known who they were. The Inner Senshi were required to create disguises for themselves on the first day as the Black Moon knew what each and every one of them looked like in their civilian forms. It's because of this that the girls were not allowed outside undisguised, knowing that they'd be an immediate target.

Eventually, the girls would have gotten employment in order to provide income for each other as well as gather necessities.


The Inners, Pluto, and the cats

At the start of the game Usagi, the Inners, Setsuna, Luna and Artemis will be living at the Command Center until they're able to afford a place to live. They'll be sleeping on futons. The Command Center comes equipped with a sofa, its computers and monitors that are capable of scanning the city.

Disguise Tools

In the series it was hinted that Luna was capable of creating tools for each of them, and in this particular circumstance it's no different. Disguise tools are used to create a temporary disguise for the user. Their hairstyle, hair color, clothes and accessories will change upon use.

It was shown that they can alter their appearance to look a different gender, but it does not change their gender in entirety. Please remember to use your character's proper pronouns that they use to identify themselves in your exposition when writing as their disguise, rather than their disguise's pronouns. As a fair note, we will not be accepting Silvers who are disguising as the opposite sex for their primary disguise.

The design of the disguise tool is up to each individual player. The Silver Dimension Inners upon request were given disguise tools by Luna upon their arrival in the Shadow Dimension. If they were separated from their comrades they wouldn't have been given a tool until they were reunited with them and only if they requested it.

Usagi still has her disguise pen and Minako would have had her own disguise compact from her Sailor V days given to her by Artemis. The other Inner Senshi were eligible for disguise tools as Prince Demando and the rest of the Black Moon Clan know what they look like in their civilian forms.

Due to the fact that nobody besides the Silver Dimension characters have ever seen Setsuna physically, she does not have a disguise tool. The Outer Senshi also have no need for disguise tools in the beginning of the game, but in the event that they're in dire need of one they may be eligible to ask.



The disguise tools have a touch of realism. Once transformed, they can remain in their transformed states for up to 9 and a half hours, but once they de-transform it will take up to 3-4 hours for their disguise tool to recharge. Disguise tools must be on their person at all times for their disguise to remain. If they drop their tool and it's not within close range of them, they will de-transform.

Disguise tools will only work if the person is a Sailor Crystal carrier, disguise tools won't work on someone carrying an ordinary Star Seed (regular humans, for instance). Disguise tools will also only work for the Sol Senshi only, the Ketians do not have disguise tools—they have no need for them—and they wouldn't be able to control a Sol's disguise tool.

Transformation Phrase & Sequence

All disguise tools have their own transformation phrase and the transformation phrases are shouted in a tone equivalent to their own senshi transformation phrases. Most would begin with "(Planet) Power! Change me into a ____!" and then they'll be engulfed in a light that matches their aura color. The transformation sequence for a disguise happens instantly.

Note: Minako's transformation phrase is still "Moon Power! Change me into a ____!" since her compact is still from her Sailor V days.


Can characters alter their appearance to any age?

    Disguise tools can transform characters to a close age range, e.g. Usagi is capable of transforming herself into an 18 year old girl. If one of the Outer Senshi require the use of a tool, they'd be able to transform themselves into somebody in their early twenties.

    However, they cannot stray too far from their age range.

If the disguise tool is in use can it be used by somebody else?

    No, the disguise tools will only work on one person at a time as distance is in effect.


When the Silvers arrived in the Shadow Dimension, communication was lost between all of them. While they had access to their communicators, the communication link shared between them was on a different frequency than the Command Center of the Shadow Dimension.

Luna had to reprogram Usagi's, Ami's, Rei's and Minako's communicators to work with the Command Center of the Shadow Dimension. As Mamoru was separated at the time, his communicator was not reprogrammed until he were reunited. With Setsuna stuck in the same position as the rest of the Silvers, she was given a communicator of her own that is linked solely to the Shadow Dimension's Command Center.



All communicators are wristwatches following the design used in Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity, with the exception of Setsuna's who may have a different design. All communicators have the senshi's primary color and their planetary symbol, the exception being Sailor Moon's and Tuxedo Kamen's.

Cellphones vs. Communicators

Due to the dangers of the Shadow Dimension and the communicator's design sporting their planetary symbols, the Silvers know to hide their communicators somewhere on their person rather than wear them.

Most Silvers (if they can afford it, which most won't until they're employed) use cellphones as an alternative method of communication while out in public, using their communicator only during in times of peril.

The Command Center

Now that the Sailor V video game no longer exists, the ease of access to the Command Center was lost. Luna had taught the unseparated girls an alternative way of accessing the Command Center, which they used as a temporary home during the first few weeks in the Shadow Dimension.

Separated Silvers would not be able to access the Command Center until they reunited, therefore they'd be forced to find another place to take shelter.


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