The Setting Synopsis

We have a detailed setting, and to make things easier for you to jump in this is a summary page of what to expect. Our Setting Extended guide provides more detailed information along with our other documentations, however the Setting Extended is optional reading material.


  • Operation Replay was the Black Moon's goal to rewrite history in favor of their clan. They've come into the past from the 30th Century in order to accomplish this goal. However, they cannot return to the 30th Century as time travel has become disabled for everyone. No one is aware that they're from the future except for those from the Silver Dimension.
  • Government: The Black Moon rule the entire Earth, although Prince Demando doesn't consider himself to be a king yet. They operate on an authoritarian leadership style structure and Prince Demando's and Wiseman's rule are absolute.
  • Security: Droids act as the Black Moon's 'Big Brother' type figure and they have powers. They're made by Blue Saphir. They're always watching, even when you least expect them as they could have assimilated into society and appear human. Droids may also choose to appear in their original forms in order to intimidate civilians. They're allowed to execute on sight. The Black Moon also has soldiers that act similar and they can also enforce their laws just like droids. Drones patrol the skies.
  • Continents: The Americas and Canada have been destroyed and they're wastelands of death and destruction. A Black Crystal megalith is in the center of America, making the Americas and Canada forbidden territories and no human is allowed to enter.
  • Sailor Senshi are fugitives and civilians have authorization to execute them. The Black Moon often do smear campaigns against them. In order for a Sailor Senshi to engage in their duties, they primarily work in their civilian identities and work underground to engage in reconnaissance akin to the Resistance. Sailor Senshi merchandise are contraband and favoring the Sailor Senshi is taboo, punishable by execution.
  • There is a Resistance of Earthling humans and Galactica. However, they don't operate together. While one of Japan's most famous cells is the Mugen cell, operated by Professor Tomoe Souichi and located at Mugen Gakuen, there are dozens of others. Very few people are aware that Mugen Gakuen is an underground Resistance base. Be aware that firearms are illegal in Japan.
  • Medicine is outlawed, including the majority of the medical practice and medical drugs. The Black Moon favors natural selection and if a human could not survive without the aid of a third party source, then they believed that they were not meant to live. The strongest would survive. While medicines might be illegal and are hard to come by, Earthlings may have their own stash hidden in their home from before the war or purchased from the Black Market.  Medicine is very, very expensive to purchase from the Black Market, even if it's expired or made illegally.
  • Immortality and the Ginzuishou: The Black Moon consider the Ginzuishou to be the source of all evil, jealousies and grudges, and expect everyone to think the same. Immortality is taboo to desire and Earthlings aren't aware that it's possible through the manipulation of the Ginzuishou.
  • Death happens daily and public executions are commonplace. Corpses are improperly disposed of due to the mass quantity. Because of this the air has become polluted and it smells like decay. Illnesses are more common.
  • Censorship is everywhere. Peace, love and justice, the Sailor Senshi, immortality and medicine are considered censored topics.
  • The education system was reformed in favor of the Black Moon. Students are taught anti-White Moon history. Sailor fukus are no longer worn in schools.
  • Correctional Facilities are commonplace. The Black Moon use them to "correct" misconduct through brainwashing. They can be disguised as hospitals, doctors offices or in plain sight.
  • Cell Phones have become a necessity for everyone's personal safety to connect with their loved ones, especially during a crisis.
  • There is an unspoken curfew. Citizens try to be inside their homes before nighttime for their own protection, believing that it's too dangerous to be outside at night.
  • The Job Market: Employers pay their employees daily due to the death toll being at an all-time high.
  • Housing: Rent is now weekly instead of monthly.

The Dimensions

  • The Silver Dimension is set in 2014 and is where Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Chibiusa, Mamoru, Luna, Artemis, Diana and Setsuna originate from. Nobody is aware that they're from an alternate dimension, not even the Black Moon. The majority of them fell through the wormhole between Act 22 and Act 23.
  • The Shadow Dimension is the game's primary setting and it's set in 2018. Their Shadow Inners disappeared during Act 19 and they're believed to be dead by the world, although some still cling to that hope that they're alive. Everyone not mentioned above is from the Shadow Dimension.


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