The Rules

  • Age Rating: 15+. We have a RPG Rating of L3/S2/V3. We're a mature self-hosted site, permitting explicit violence, gore, gritty realism, explicit language, and sex will fade to black. Rape is not allowed.
  • Register using your character's name in proper case. If your character's Japanese register Surname Forename. OOC accounts aren't allowed.
  • Common courtesies and respect is expected. We desire to create a welcoming, out of character drama free environment where players can have a good time. We consider Moon Rising to be a safe place for LGBTQA. Please be respectful with pronouns. Discrimination and harassment won't be tolerated. Inform a staff member if you have any issues.
  • Writing Quality: We expect all content posted on the forum to be of good quality and prefer not to label our site. We expect our players to utilize good grammar, spelling and punctuation. We prefer that typos are kept to a bare minimum.
  • Chat speak such as 'u' or 'ur' is not allowed, not even in the cbox. We make exceptions only to 'tbh', 'ngl', 'otl', 'wtf', etc.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed, please write everything in your own words. If we find that the material is from another resource, e.g. Wikimoon, Wiki, fansites, we will ask for edits or dismissal. Claiming content as your own when it is not yours will result in a ban.
  • Advertising outside of the advertising and affiliations section is not permitted, not even in cbox, signatures or profiles. That said, do not discuss other RP sites or mention them by name. Resource sites are exempt.


  • All members are required to post a minimum of 3 IC posts every month. This is per player, not per character.
  • Series canons are required to become active IC within 14 days of their acceptance date. Failure to do so will have your character reopened for application after 14 days without warning. They're also expected and required to maintain a noticeable presence IC after the first 14 day period. If the staff feel that you are not maintaining an IC presence and you're playing a canon, they may opt to revoke your canon. This does not apply to original characters.
  • Major plot oriented threads have "special" activity requirements. You're expected to post in them once every 5 days if you join them. If a player hasn't posted within 5 days in major plot threads players may skip them or choose to write them out if it persists. We define a major plot thread as one that affects the storyline in a major way, e.g. the Resistance does something drastic or the reveal of a Sailor Senshi. This doesn't apply to any other type of threads, all other threads are subjected to standard activity requirements.
  • Inform us of all absences in the Master Absence Thread if you are going to be gone for more than 14 days. Absences posted in the Master Absence Thread must have an exact date of when to expect you to return, they cannot be open ended or extend for months at a time. Exceptions are given on a case-by-case basis and only if the player discussed the matter with staff. While we appreciate cbox notifications, the Master Absence Thread makes the absence official and it's what we will taken into primary consideration. In the event that there is an activity check, only absences posted before the activity check was posted are taken into consideration unless discussed with staff and approved. That said, we try not to make a habit of routine activity checks but they may be posted periodically. Staff prefer to manually check players once a month and PM when necessary.

Role Playing

  • No word count. Provide your partner with something to respond to.
  • Write all IC posts in third person, past tense.
  • All IC threads must be time stamped.
  • IC actions have IC consequences.
  • Death is permanent and don't kill a character without their player's permission. Don't kill a canon without permission from staff.
  • No god-moding, metagaming or power-playing without permission from affected parties.
  • Post templates are optional, but the only post template that we'll allow in IC threads is [post*][/post*] if you choose to use them. Please don't alter the font colors or include images in IC areas. Custom HTML templates are only allowed in Character Organizers, the Plotting Center and Wanted Ads.
  • Everyone is encouraged to use the worldbuilding forum. However, before content is considered canon to our game and usable to all it must be staff approved. Keep true to the setting. Staff may ask for edits before content is approved. All content submitted in the worldbuilding forum is optional reading material.

Character Creation

  • There are no character limits.
  • Canon reservations last 14 days. In order to reserve a canon, you MUST reply to the canon reservations thread. After 14 days and your application is still unfinished, you are able to ask for an extension in the canon reservation thread for 5 more days. After that if your application is still unfinished, no re-reservations will be given unless on a case-by-case basis (e.g. you've talked it out with staff), and your account will be deleted and application moved to a hidden archive board.
  • We accept original characters and series canons, however the only original Sailor Senshi that we'll allow are those on our canon roster.
  • Series canons must be based on the Sailor Moon manga, Sailor Moon Crystal, manga side stories or the Materials Collection. The 1992 anime isn't allowed due to incompatibility.
  • We don't allow original characters to be related to a series canon, e.g. a sibling or cousin.

Face Claim

  • We have an optional, automated face claim system. After acceptance you're responsible for claiming your face in UCP > Edit Profiles > Face Claim for it to show in our Claims & Directory. All face claim rules apply for all graphics used on the forum.
  • We don't allow reservations. Only approved, sorted characters have their faces claimed. Anyone listed as 'inactive' or 'applicant' on our directory doesn't have a face claimed.
  • Play-bys must be real life celebrities even for series canons if players choose to use a PB. Canons must have a PB that resembles their animanga counterpart to a noticeable degree.
  • Whitewashing is unacceptable. If your character's Asian make sure that their face claim is also. It's acceptable to use an East Asian face for a Japanese character.
  • Gifs can only be used for the mini profile avatars (not as your main avatar). They can be used for signatures provided that they're a very subtle gif.
  • Disallowed play-by types. Anime, manga, video game characters, illustrations (e.g. fanart) or cartoons; cosplayers, yourself or acquaintances; people from social networks or internet celebrities.


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