The Newbie Guide

Moon Rising is a post alien invasion Sailor Moon RPG based on the manga version and Sailor Moon Crystal, diverging after Act 19 and Act 23 of the Black Moon arc. The Black Moon conquered the Earth in 2014, making Sailor Senshi and the White Moon Public Enemy #1. There are sympathizers for the White Moon, Black Moon and Resistance factions which divides our world; but the Golden Kingdom and Galactica each have their own agendas which may either benefit or put Earthlings at a disadvantage.

Our Newbie Guide gives you an idea of what is mandatory and optional to read, and we don't expect you to memorize everything right away. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask in the cbox or Support Center.

Reminder: The 1990s anime is NOT canon here, we are solely based on the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. Canons must be based on their manga and Crystal versions.

Getting Started

Mandatory for All


Articles in this section aren't required reading material, but may be required depending on the character you intend on playing.



Are you interested in applying? We can't wait to see what character you've come up with. In the Character Creation forum, we have some instructions in the forum rules on how to properly use the forum.

  • APPLICATION TEMPLATE. Please fill out our application template and submit it in the Character Center. Don't forget to read over our walkthrough, it contains important faction centric notes.
  • Label your application as WIP or Ready.

Getting Active After Acceptance

Welcome to Moon Rising! We're happy to have you aboard. Are you looking for a quick way to get started? This section of the Newbie Guide might help you!

  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF. We want to get to know you, so don't be shy!
  • CREATE A CHARACTER ORGANIZER. They're your one stop hub for anything pertaining to your character, e.g. your plotter, preferences, thread tracker, and other details. Players may use your Character Organizer to plot with you, send you thread invitations and more! You can also use your Character Organizer for Starter Calls and Plot Calls.
  • JUMP INTO THE PLOTTING CENTER. Want to get into the plot right away? See if there's some events rollin' around created by members for you to join. You can also post one of your own, too!
  • START A RP THREAD. Please don't wait for plots and threads to come to you. Don't hesitate to invite others to join your thread through their organizer! We strongly encourage an open thread environment.


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