Our Story So Far

In order to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s happened insofar IC, we’ve compiled the Our Story So Far synopsis page. Be aware that this page is primarily for threads that affects the plot in some way, and that would be beneficial for you as a player to know about. We do not list any personal threads here.

We ask that players try to keep our IC story in mind when applying, and utilize it to your advantage when making your history!


Learning Curves After the girls earn enough yen to buy clothes, Usagi arrives at the mall early to do a little shopping with the yen that they’d given her. But she has yet to learn the dangers of being outside alone, and she’s become a target of a thief. Haruka manages to stop the thief by cleverly conversing with Usagi. Haruka and Michiru both warn her to not be alone. Meanwhile, Haruka remains oblivious that Michiru is secretly shopping for Haruka’s birthday.
A Twisted Fate Description
A Lost Love Description
Day Dreaming Description
The Face Of A Friend Setsuna has discovered the identity of Sailor Uranus, and she arrives at the racetrack to confront Haruka. But Haruka seems oblivious to Setsuna’s clever hints about her own identity.

The Rift

When the Silvers fell through the wormhole it didn’t go unnoticed by Tokyoites. Azabu Juuban park and Sankakusu were both affected by a rift that caused time to accelerate within the vicinity of the parks. Within the parks, there was a drastic 5 hour difference in time from the outside world. Anyone who left the parks would be able to notice that the anomalies left things the way they were when they entered the park 5 hours ago, e.g. If it was 5 O’Clock when they entered the park, it would be 10 O’Clock when they’d leave. Citizens experienced fatigue, headaches, and differences in pressure.

Beware the Nocturne Description
Old Roots Description

The Uprising

Professor Tomoe Souichi is hosting a fundraiser at Mugen Gakuen’s auditorium, and all of the students and faculty, and the wealthy, famous and Tokyoites that were invited attended. The fundraiser was known to be a Black Moon event, with well-known faces in attendances such as Green Esmeraude and Ayakashi. Mikami Ayumi (Usagi) is invited by Tomoe Hotaru, and Otomo Kimiko (Minako) is invited by Tenoh Haruka. Kunzite and Chiba Mamoru are also in the crowd.

Parties Reveal So Much: Setsuna encounters Hotaru for the first time. Setsuna learns that Hotaru is Sailor Saturn, while Hotaru begins to grow suspicious of Setsuna, feeling as though she's known her from somewhere.
A Night To Remember: Seiya finds Usagi waiting to get inside Mugen Gakuen’s fundraiser, and manages to convince her to convince Hotaru to let her attend. Hotaru agrees.
Love And The Wind: Description
Stained Red: After Esmeraude trips over a man’s foot, Haruka catches her midway into her fall, but not without incident and certainly not without Esmeraude causing a scene. Both of them are left with wine-stained attire and retreat to the restrooms at Esmeraude’s request.
Curiosity Killed The Cat: Description
Mischief Making: In efforts to encourage Hotaru to branch out, Usagi asks her to venture outside of the auditorium and chase after a couple of mischievous girls. What could they be up to in the science division? Meanwhile, Hotaru and Usagi learn a little more about each other's family life.
Hidden Agendas: Description
Found A Rabbit: Setsuna finds Usagi alone at the fundraiser without any of the Inners as her personal guard, and shows her concern for her carelessness. Usagi continues to reassure her that she is alright, but she also reveals to Setsuna that she is acquainted with all Outer Senshi without knowing their identities.
Investigating Omens: Description
Black Masquerade: Description
Operation: EXPAND: Description


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