The Golden Kingdom


By 2018 Elysion is facing a time of great peril. The Black Crystal monolith that was staked into the Earth by the Black Moon four years ago has taken its toll, engulfing Elysion with a blanket of darkness slowly each day. Anything that the dark energy touches begins to rot away, and anything of Elysion closest to the Black Crystal monolith above ground vanishes.

The Maenads, the shrine maidens of Elysion, were sealed away by Helios in order to protect them from the increasing dark energy. In efforts to find their beloved Prince Endymion, Helios has traveled to Tokyo in order to unite with the Shitennou and White Moon soldiers.

The Black Moon are unaware of the existence of Elysion, and Queen Nehellenia's curse hasn't affected the kingdom in the Shadow Dimension. Mamoru and Helios wouldn't have black roses inside their lungs and they wouldn't be corrupted.

The Shitennou

The Shitennou were Prince Endymion's bodyguards during the Silver Millennium, and they were corrupted by Queen Metallia during ancient times. They were nicknamed the Four Heavenly Kings. Kunzite was the leader of the Shitennou and Zoisite was Kunzite's second-in-command.

During the Silver Millennium each of them governed a continent:

  • Kunzite was in charge of the Middle East and had the ability to manipulate energy.
  • Zoisite was in charge of Europe and had the ability to manipulate energy.
  • Jadeite was in charge of the Far East and had the ability Freezing Manipulation.
  • Nephrite was in charge North America and had the ability Possession.

In the Shadow Dimension their history during the Dark Kingdom arc has been unaltered. During the Black Moon arc, Mamoru even channeled their spirits from their stones to seek advice.

When their Tuxedo Kamen accompanied Chibiusa, Sailor Moon and their allies traveled into the 30th Century for the very first time and wasn't present during the war against the Black Moon, it hadn't gone unnoticed by the Shitennou.

Four years later, it was the arrival of the Silver Dimension's Tuxedo Kamen that triggered their resurrection one night while their stones were on sale at OSA-P, a local jewelry store owned by Osaka Mayumi.

They were resurrected with no memories of when they were corrupted by Queen Metallia during present times, but they retained their memories of what happened during the Silver Millennium. As they were aware of the state of the Earth, all of them would have created pseudonyms for themselves and create cover stories in order to assimilate into society while searching for their prince.

They would still have the same personalities as they did canonically and they would not need disguises.

If the Shitennou are able to obtain a home for themselves, it would likely be a 1DK or 1LDK and they would be living together. They may choose to move ICly as the months progress.They would need to obtain jobs in Tokyo.



Register using their canon name, not their pseudonym.


Please summarize events that occurred in the series for your character in your application, this is so that we are aware of what direction you're taking with your Shitennou. Also include information on what's happening with them now.


The Shitennou can have two powers and one element. As the Shitennou are no longer affiliated with the Dark Kingdom, they cannot create youma. All Shitennou still have the ability to teleport and shield generation.

All of the Shitennou's powers and abilities are from Sailor Moon Crystal. If a player chooses to have their 90s anime ability (e.g. Nephrite's ability to manipulate stars) please talk with staff first.


While in Tokyo Helios would have created a civilian identity for himself. His civilian form would be his human form with the absence of his horn and symbol. However, as Mamoru's ethnicity is Japanese, it is required for Helios's civilian persona to be Japanese and have a Japanese forename and surname. His cover backstory, living situation, and employment is up to his player. His play-by must resemble his civilian form.


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