The Starlights

When Shadow Earth was conquered by the Black Moon and the White Moon vanished for nearly four years, their absence was felt among various planets throughout the Shadow Dimension as the Earth's light diminished.

Soldiers from the planet Kinmoku's Tankei Kingdom traveled to the planet Earth in order to investigate the disappearance of not only the White Moon, but also the Ginzuishou.

On the night of their arrival on January 29th, 2018 shooting stars were seen in the sky. While the Black Moon were suspicious of the unforeseen event it was dismissed as a natural light show, preferring to investigate it in secret. The Starlights were able to blend into society rather easily as they hadn't had many disadvantages besides their lack of knowledge of the Black Moon.

Becoming Galactica

On their way to Earth, Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights had also visited other planets to recruit additional aid. They knew that this was not going to be an easy mission trying to find the galaxy's missing Light of Hope and her guardians. The soldiers from the planet Mermaid, Mnemosyne, Lethe, Cocoon, Coronis, and Chuu had elected their strongest soldier Sailor Galaxia to become the spokeswoman for their Galactic Alliance when they dealt with Princess Kakyuu and her team.


  • The Galactic Alliance soldiers are pure, not even Sailor Galaxia is evil yet. The timeframe for the Galactic Soldiers would be when Sailor Galaxia is becoming "bored" of her planet; therefore she also isn't nearly as powerful as the series version. Sailor Galaxia would have never met Wiseman, but there is potential for that encounter during the game. The Galactic Alliance' powers were never usurped by the Sailor Animamates, so everything about them (including civilian identity name, personality and history) is up to their player. The only one who will remain absolutely true to the manga (personality, history) is Sailor Galaxia.
  • The Galactica are open to any FC and ethnicity you choose. They are technically "original senshi" of your creation, so their names, personality and histories are up to you, including planetary information. Sailor Galaxia is the only exemption as she must remain true to her manga counterpart.
  • A Knight of Galaxia is not allowed.
  • Galaxia may have four attacks and two abilities. The Galactica Senshi are limited to three attacks and two abilities. The Galactica Knights may have one attack and one ability.
  • Everything about their planet is up to the player with some exceptions mentioned on the roster. Some culture must be mentioned in their character's history.


Disclaimer: As Moon Rising adheres to the Sailor Moon manga and Sailor Moon Crystal we do expect applicants to adhere to their personalities and background in the manga. We won't be allowing the 1992 anime to be merged with our game, the only exception is for attacks.

Application History: Please provide us with information about their lives up until how they settled down on Shadow Earth.
Starlight Naming Conventions: Seiya, Taiki and Yaten would be their surnames, and 'Kou' would be their forename. Kakyuu may have her own surname.
Powers: The Starlights can use their manga, Materials Collection and 1992 anime attacks.
Transformation Authorization: The Galactica were given permission to transform by Princess Kakyuu and Sailor Galaxia on a case-by-case basis. They trust their soldiers to use good judgment when transforming, but even they are aware that they cannot risk saving just one life.
Kinmoku:Princess Kakyuu is the First Order Imperial Princess of the Tankei Kingdom of the planet Kinmoku. Kinmoku appears to be inspired by China, therefore it's recommended to utilize Chinese culture. Kinmoku is not within the Solar System, it is within its own quadrant of the Milky Way.
Occupations:The Sailor Starlights would not be popstars on Earth in this universe as they understood that if by any chance the White Moon were alive they would not be easily lured out of hiding. The Galactica's occupations and involvement in the Resistance are entirely up to you.
Pronouns: We prefer them using a female (she/her pronouns) appearance as their primary form in the game in accordance to the manga. They may disguise as men at any point in the game for plot purposes, but please ask staff before making it a permanent form.
Currency: To aid with their income after they arrived, the Starlights would have used their own technology back on Kinmoku to convert their currency to yen. However, they would still need to work in order to survive due to their minimal supply.
Languages: The Galactica can naturally speak, read and write Japanese without the aid of a device. They may also use their own native tongue from Kinmoku.
Knowledge of the Black Moon: When the Starlights arrived on Shadow Earth they were uninformed of the Black Moon's existence, which led to many reconnaissance missions. Even after reconnaissance they wouldn't be aware that the Black Moon are from the future. Similarly, the Black Moon are unaware of the Starlights presence on Earth and overall existence of Kinmoku.
Knowledge of the White Moon:The Galactica are aware of how the Silver Millennium fell and that the White Moon were reborn on Earth, but they're not informed of the Outer Senshi's history or existence. They also wouldn't be aware of the White Moon's civilian identities in this lifetime or detect if a Silver Inner is in disguise. Canonically they may 'sense' the light of a Sailor Crystal but nothing more. Usagi's brooch was designed in the manga so that the Ginzuishou couldn't be detected inside unless she transformed or used its power.
Shadow Galactica status: The Starlights haven't been at war with Shadow Galactica in this universe. Shadow Galactica canons are also currently not available for play.
Original Starlights and Kinmokuseians: This faction is series canons only, we are not accepting original Kinmokuseians or Starlight Senshi at this time.


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