The Factions

The Black Moon Clan

Accepting canons and original characters!

The Black Moon are the ruling faction of Earth under the command of Prince Demando and his advisor Wiseman. They rule under an authoritarian leadership style government, and their clan has a mafia-like structure.

Unknowingly to Earthlings, they're invaders from the future Earth of the 30th Century and they time traveled into the past to rewrite history in their favor. The Black Moon Clan consists of 30th Century members and 21st Century recruits who were persuaded into joining their cause.

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Accepting canons and original characters!

When the Black Moon conquered the Earth in 2014, Earthlings were faced with a great time of change as the Black Moon imposed their propaganda. Forced to live in a Black Moon Society, how will they cope?

This faction consists of Earthlings that don't associate with any other faction. Resistance members, militia, government officials, criminals, and your everyday civilian will also be placed here.

The Galactica

Accepting roster canons only!

The Starlights have traveled from their quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Solar System in order to investigate not only the disappearance of the White Moon, but also the Ginzuishou. They arrived on Earth completely unaware of the Black Moon's presence and history. How will they be able to combat their newest enemy while also trying to find out just what happened to the galaxy's soldiers of legend? Moreover, just how will Sailor Galaxia and the Galactica become of aid in this mission?

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The White Moon & Golden Kingdom

This faction is currently canons only!

Thousands of years ago the Moon Kingdom was once a prosperous civilization that existed on Mare Serenitatis, the Sea of Serenity. It was the capital of the Solar System ruled by Queen Serenity. But when war was waged by Earth's corrupted citizens under the control of Queen Metallia, an aspect of chaos, the Earth fell to ruin. Queen Serenity used the last of her power to send her daughter Princess Serenity and her court to the 21st Century Earth.

The Black Moon had an ongoing feud with the White Moon as they believed that they were invaders and didn't belong on Earth as they were not human.

The Silver Dimension Team
The Golden Kingdom


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