Soldiers of the Black Moon Clan, Blue Saphir created them through the manipulation of the Black Crystal and alchemy.

Imperfect droids have low intelligence levels, appear as a robotic humanoid, have superpowers and superhuman strength. Unlike their perfected counterparts they cannot talk and can only make a screeching noise.

Perfected droids are capable of talking like humans, understand the concept of free will, have power and superhuman strength and look more like humans.

All droids are capable of assimilating into society through shapeshifting. Droids in the game have both infiltrated human society as well as retained their own appearance. Droids that are spying for the Black Moon may choose to take on a human appearance (whether they stole it or not is up to player's discretion as it's a case-by-case scenario) and bear no mark on their foreheads symbolizing they're Black Moon for the sake of their mission.

Droids that retained their appearance will remain in their manufactured form and bear a Black Moon, doing the bidding of Black Moon and may choose to carry out public executions.

PLEASE NOTE: Droids are NPCs and cannot be applied for.


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