Black Moon Index

Prince Demando led the Black Moon Clan into the Earth of the 21st Century, launching a full-scale invasion when Shadow Sailor Moon and her team performed their very first Time Warp into the 30th Century. With the Black Moon Clan's futuristic technology and power at their disposal, they were able to conquer the 21st Century Earth and begin their Black Moon Society.

Unknowingly to Earthlings, they're invaders from the future under the influence of Death Phantom, an aspect of Chaos. In the 30th Century, they rejected the utopian society created by the White Moon on Earth. They believed that immortality was sacrilege against God and that Earth belonged to humans.

Staking a Black Crystal megalith into the Earth, the 30th Century Earth began to die. They've come into the past in order to continue Operation Replay and change history in favor of the Black Moon!


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