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Our Claims Directory is merged with our Player Directory as part of our automated system. Anyone in the "applicant" faction doesn't have their claims claimed, only those sorted into factions do. Please see our rules for our face claim rules.

Players can have their characters part of an occupation used by somebody else, we don't consider those to be "claimed". We only show them here for your convenience.

Avatar Username [desc] Faction Alter-ego Face Claim Player
Aino Minako
White Moon Sailor Venus Roseanne Park Harlow
White Moon Sudarso Yoshi Lish
Galactica Sailor Mermaid Lee Chae-rin Harlow
Chiba Mamoru
Golden Kingdom Tuxedo Kamen Kim Bum Harlow
White Moon Yeri (Human) Vicky
Galaxy Cauldron
Admin Event
Green Esmeraude
Black Moon Vivian Hsu Vicky
Hino Rei
Applicant Sailor Mars Nana Komatsu Salsa
Kaiō Michiru
Applicant Sailor Neptune Kim Tae Yeon Maki
Galactica Sailor Kakyuu Tiffany Hwang Harlow
Black Moon Kim Ah-young (Yura) Harlow
Golden Kingdom Knight of Purity and Affection Serkan Çayoğlu Eli
Meioh Setsuna
White Moon Sailor Pluto Sui He Lish
Mizuno Ami
Applicant Bri
Osaka Naru
Civilians Harlow
Tenoh Haruka
White Moon Sailor Uranus Amber Liu Eli
Tomoe Hotaru
White Moon Sailor Saturn Hashimoto Ai Harlow
Tsukino Chibiusa
White Moon Sailor Chibi Moon Mana Ashida Second
Tsukino Usagi
White Moon Sailor Moon Minatozaki Sana Vicky


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