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For threads that take place before the game's timeline including the Silver Dimension. Canon to game.
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12 Nov 2017, 01:21 AM by Green Esmeraude

The 10th planet of our Solar System, Nemesis is a planet of darkness and the Black Moon's headquarters. Black Moons may choose to reside here or on Earth. It is considered to be an impenetrable fortress by Earthlings and Ketians alike. Presently, Black Moons are dealing with the 21st Century Nemesis, which its development is just as advanced as the 30th Century Nemesis because of Saphir's fusion reactor.

Only Black Moons may post in this forum.

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For threads that take place in the utopian Crystal Tokyo city of the future. Threads can take place before the war against the Black Moon, during Death Phantom's war, or during the war against the Black Moon. Threads must be set before they traveled into the past and conquered Earth.
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Want to play in an alternate universe such as the real world of Sailor Moon or something else? Do you have a crossover idea in mind? This is the place to do it! This forum is not canon to the game.

Sorry, but there are currently no threads in this forum with the specified date and time limiting options.

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