Hey everyone! We've recently rebooted our storyline to the very beginning and there's been a few changes implemented! Make sure that you read the latest announcement before posting in IC areas as well as check out our new event The Arrival! Several areas throughout the city have been affected by Accelerated Time due to the Silvers arrival!

The Gates of Time

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Moon Rising is a Sailor Moon RPG based on the Black Moon arc of the Sailor Moon manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. The Black Moon conquered the Earth and created their Black Moon Society in 2014, making Sailor Senshi and the White Moon Public Enemy #1. The White Moon's Sailor Senshi have since been absent for years, but an interstellar revolution is slowly on the rise starting with their return; a Resistance of humans and aliens, and each faction has their own agenda. What side will you be on? Moon Rising heavily features gritty realism, survival, and urban sci-fi mystery.
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June Updates
14 Jun 2017, 02:11 AM by Vicky
Our monthly announcements will be posted here and they'll be regularly updated when new updates have been done. Please make sure that you read over this forum for any important news!
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Open Threads
16 Apr 2017, 01:23 AM by Luna
Got a question or a character idea? Need staff to take care of something for you such as moderate a thread? Do you have any open threads that you'd like some more participants in? This area is specifically for you and it's guest friendly!

Creation & Development

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You can post your application regardless if they're a WIP or complete in the main forum. Also within you'll find our Wanted Ads, which you can respond to as a guest and ask questions.
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Was your character accepted? Great! We're excited to have you. Your character will be moved here and sorted according to their faction. As we have automatic claims you'll be expected to fill out your User Profile information in order to claim your things.
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Our development forum is your one stop hub for anything related to development and plotting. You'll be able to find our Character Organizers, which is where you can plot and keep track of specific characters. The Plotting Center is for all of your group-based plotting needs, and our worldbuilding forum is where you can help us develop our world with your own ideas!

The Shadow Dimension

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For threads that take place at a residence.
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Shopping, nightlife, theatre, restaurants, parks, libraries, museums, etc.
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For threads that don't fit anywhere else. Travel abroad, in vehicles, communicate on cellphones, internet, etc.
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Traveling through space-time is considered the ultimate taboo and nobody was supposed to know that it was possible. However, with the distortions in the Shadow Dimension traveling through space-time has become disabled in the Shadow Dimension and rightfully so. Characters can still play out their past histories or Crystal Tokyo events in this forum with the understanding that it happened before game start.

The End of Time

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11 Jul 2017, 02:53 AM by Mizuno Ami
OOC chatter belongs in this forum. You can also introduce yourself, post away messages, play forum-games and request graphics within.
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Our advertising forums are guest friendly but members must log out to post. Both [align=center] and [center] work here.

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